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Heart of Dakota Publishing
A Christian homeschool curriculum that is easy to use, flexible, educational and can also be used with multiple ages at the same time. Our desire is to help homeschool teachers have a successful experience from the very beginning, while keeping God's
Christian, Self-paced, Online Homeschooling Courses with Customizable Curriculum
"Making Families Better"
Homeschool Science Club
Fresh resource for homeschool science topics and product reviews

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WATCH: Tony Dungy, Jim Daly: Don't Do This When It Comes to Racial Tensions
From his days playing on the field, coaching on the sidelines and now, serving up insight in the broadcast booth on NBC's Football Night in America, many of us have admired Tony Dungy. But while Coach Dungy has a keen football mind, we especially appreciate him for his commitment to his family and the boldness with which he shares his deep Christian faith. “My job as a dad is to point my children to the Lord, and everything else in life will take care of itself,” he once observed. With eleven children, Coach Dungy exemplifies and models Christian fatherhood.The post WATCH: Tony Dungy, Jim Daly: Don't Do This When It Comes to Racial Tensions appeared first on Jim Daly.
Journeying from Tragedy to Triumph
Would you be able to forgive the person who shattered your life?In a recorded message on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Journeying from Tragedy to Triumph,” Bryan Koch shares how a drunk driver turned a pleasant Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride into a horrendous tragedy for his family.After a lovely summer afternoon drive, Bryan and his wife, Lynn were less than a mile from their home when their motorcycle was run off the road by a driver whose blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit.The post Journeying from Tragedy to Triumph appeared first on Jim Daly.
Latest News: New Library Collections Document COVID-19 Pandemic
Three posters depicting life during the pandemic: two women (one a nurse) wearing masks, the third is a picture of a teacher teaching via a computerAs the world marks the one-year anniversary of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Library of Congress has been collecting materials and documenting this time in history through a variety of initiatives.The Library’s rapid-response collecting since the start of lockdowns and social distancing measures over the past year has included acquiring photographs that document the pandemic’s impact on individuals and communities, capturing artists’ responses to the outbreak, mapping the pandemic’s spread and archiving the world’s response online.Click here for more information.
CT Media Presents: God Pops Up in India
In this episode, follow Anil's journey to learn more about the man who he is convinced saved his mother.
Latest News:
While Russell Lee’s work is widely known, his story has remained more elusive. A new definitive biography, published by Liveright in association with the Library of Congress, establishes Lee as one of the most influential documentary photographers in American history.In “Russell Lee: A Photographer’s Life and Legacy,” historian and archivist Mary Jane Appel examines the paradoxes of Lee’s dual status as an independently wealthy man and the most prolific photographer of the Great Depression.Click here for more information.

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Homeschool Electives - 5 tips to create your own homeschool curriculum
Homeschool Electives - 5 tips to create your own homeschool curriculumAre you new to homeschooling and wondering how to handle homeschool electives? Or are you a seasoned homeschool family wanting to create your own ...
Methods of Homeschooling|5 Popular Methods of Homeschooling
Methods of Homeschooling|5 Popular Methods of HomeschoolingToday we will be discussing 5 of the more popular styles/methods of homeschooling. Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unschool, and Eclectic.
HOMESCHOOL UPDATE for FEBRUARY 2021What did we do during the month of February? Come find out!
Dual Enrollment for Homeschool | Homeschooling in High School | Our Blessed Life
Dual Enrollment for Homeschool | Homeschooling in High School | Our Blessed LifeHomeschool dual enrollment is what we will be discussing in this homeschooling in high school chat! I'll discuss the pros and cons of dual enrollment, why ...
5 Things That Changed Our Homeschool || Homeschool Mom || This Changed Our Homeschool
5 Things That Changed Our Homeschool || Homeschool Mom || This Changed Our HomeschoolHi and Welcome to our YouTube channel! In this homeschool video, I will share with you 5 things that changed our homeschool. These things have really helped ...

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Ice Fishing
A blonde wanted to go ice fishing. She'd seen many books on the subject, and finally, after getting all the necessary "tools" together, she made for the nearest frozen lake. After positioning her comfy stool, she started to make a circular
The Haircut (Priceless)
The  haircut,   (Priceless)    A teenage boy  had just passed his driving test and inquired of his  father as to when  they could discuss his use of the car.     His father  said he'd make a
Don’t Ignore Your Doctor
Don’t Ignore Your Doctor This is why you should never ignore what your Doctor tells ya. The other day I went over to a nearby Pharmacy. When I got there, I went straight to the back of the store to where the Pharmacists’ Counter is
An End of an Era
sad We had technical problems with our old BBS system software and servers. We have been running FamilyNet and the G
FamilyNet is shutting down (BBS Network)
  The technology is old, the software is old, the equipment is old. The system is rebooting every hour... It is no longer worth the cost (in time and dollars) to keep the BBS and FamilyNet running, so - I will be shutting down

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