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Great Homeschool Conventions
We believe passionately in the God-given right and responsibility of parents to train and educate their children. We are honored to partner with The National Center for Life and Liberty, as we promote and produce homeschool conventions. -- Homeschool Curriculum Reviews
Lots and lots of homeschooling curriculum reviews written by homeschoolers who have used the homeschool curriculum themselves. Click on in and visit us!
Homeschool Lesson Plans, Teaching Strategies, & High School Courses
Download creative homeschool lesson plans. Learn the best classical education teaching strategies. Find the perfect high school course for your homeschool teen.
The Alphabet of Mathematics

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Review: While We're Young
An enjoyable reflection on aging and the awkward pursuit of relevance.mpaa rating:R (For language.)Genre:ComedyDirected By: Noah BaumbachRun Time: 1 hour 37 minutes Cast: Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Adam DriverTheatre Release:March 27, 2015 by A24In our culture of cool, we worship the new, the fresh, and (above all) the young. So balancing the practicalities of aging with what relevance requires can be a real drag.That’s the dilemma for Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia (Naomi Watts), the fortysomething couple at the center of Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young. Childless at a time when all of their couple friends are having babies, Josh and Cornelia forge a new friendship with a twentysomething pair of Brooklyn hipster royalty: Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfriend). Though Josh and Cornelia are themselves aging hipsters (Josh is a documentary filmmaker who listens to Wilco, loves Godard, and likes to discuss Ricoeur’s “hermeneutics of suspicion”), they’re clearly hungry for their newfound friends to bring them up to speed on all things cool.Laughs ensue. The film’s fast-paced first half gives us gag after gag of the older couple trying to keep up with the younger couple’s trendy way of life. Jamie and Darby are the epitome of artisan, small-batch, analog Brooklynites. They raise chickens, build everything by hand, wear thrift store clothes and ride fixed gear bikes (without helmets). Darby has an artisanal ice cream business where she makes flavors like “avocado almond milk sorbet.”Despite suffering from arthritis and shin splints, Josh and Cornelia join the young couple for hip hop dance classes, syncretistic spiritual retreats, and “street beach” parties in Bushwick. They’re fascinated and energized by the young couple’s apparent passion for life and seemingly authentic disregard for the rat race.One of the most hilariously accurate sequences shows ...Continue reading...
Review: White God
Visually surreal but thematically muddled, this festival favorite doesn't quite live up to its hype. mpaa rating:R (For violent content including bloody images, and language.)Genre:DramaDirected By: Korn√©l Mundrucz√≥Run Time: 2 hours 1 minute Cast: Zs√≥fia Psotta, S√°ndor Zs√≥t√©r, Lili Horv√°th, Szabolcs Thur√≥czyTheatre Release:March 27, 2015 by Magnolia PicturesKornel Mundruczů’s White God ("Fehťr isten") is the sort of film critics love to overpraise: we know, deep down, that most anyone who takes the time and effort to see it will probably be predisposed to appreciate it. Plus, the increasing length of time between when foreign language films play on the festival circuit and when, if ever, they are made available for mass audiences, also means that barring some sort of Twitter or Letterboxd trolling, critics are shielded from pushback against elevated encomiums.Critical grade inflation can have its down side, though. Increasingly, when I work my way around to a highly buzzed film that I missed on the festival circuit, I find myself thinking, “That was nice, but . . . ” Films I might have liked more if I’d approached them with modest expectations end up getting punished for not being great, transformative, or overwhelming.White God is none of those things, but it’s not a poor movie. A genre-mashing tale that mixes elements of Planet of the Apes, Lassie Come Home, The Birds, The Great Escape, and Heart of Darkness, the film is brimming with interesting ideas and never far from a powerful image.Thirteen year-old Lili and her dog Hagen are dropped off with her father so that her mom and stepdad can attend an academic conference. Dad doesn’t want to pay a fee to keep an unregistered pet in his apartment, so he forces Lili to choose: Hagen can be turned in to animal control, where he will most likely get put down, or he can be released on the street to fend for himself.Lili chooses life—or at least the slim chance of it—over a humane death, and then she plays hooky from band practice to search for her ...Continue reading...
How to Reclaim Marriage
This month's issue of First Things magazine features a powerful argument for upholding and proclaiming the truth and beauty of God's design for marriage.‚ÄúThe Two Shall Become One Flesh: Reclaiming Marriage‚ÄĚ is a product of Evangelicals and Catholics Together, a group founded 20 years ago by one of my heroes, the late Chuck Colson, and another highly regarded statesman of the faith, the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus.Several prominent Evangelical and Catholic leaders have endorsed the statement.The post How to Reclaim Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
Work Samples: Yummy Dessert of Comprehensive Records
BARWAY COLLINS, Age Now: 10, Missing: 03/18/2015. Missing From CRYSTAL, MN. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Crystal Police Department (Minnesota) 1-952-258-5321 Or 1-763-531-1020.

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THRIFTY FAMILY TAKE #2: HOMESCHOOL SUPPLIES HAUL | GRA8FUL8Hi! I'm Erica...wife of a soldier, mommy of a soldier, mother-in-law to one, Christ-following and homeschooling mommy to our four younger and equally awesome kiddos. Join us daily as we travel...
Guide to Homeschooling- Deprogramming your child & yourself- Stanford University Pt. 3
Guide to Homeschooling- Deprogramming your child & yourself- Stanford University Pt. 3Deprogramming Recap: 1. Give yourself and your child time to adjust to a new learning environment. 2. Your schooling place can take place anywhere! Don't limit yourself. 3. The library is....
Guide to Homeschooling- How to Create a Reading & Writing Curriculum- Stanford University
Guide to Homeschooling- How to Create a Reading & Writing Curriculum- Stanford UniversityMore Resources: . Part 1 Recap: Step 1: Know Your Child How does my child learn? Is he/she a visual, tactile, audio, or kinesthetic learner? What are his/her talents? What are his/her strengths...
Guide to Homeschooling- Deprogramming your child & yourself- Stanford University Pt. 3
Guide to Homeschooling- Deprogramming your child & yourself- Stanford University Pt. 3Tanya Smith-Johnson graduated high school at 17 and enlisted into the United States Navy as a member of the Hospital Corps. She was awarded a NROTC scholarship to Hampton University.
Advice On Choosing Homeschooling Programs
Advice On Choosing Homeschooling Programs

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An End of an Era
sad We had technical problems with our old BBS system software and servers. We have been running FamilyNet and the G
FamilyNet is shutting down (BBS Network)
  The technology is old, the software is old, the equipment is old. The system is rebooting every hour... It is no longer worth the cost (in time and dollars) to keep the BBS and FamilyNet running, so - I will be shutting down
FamilyNet BBS Network Policy Statement
The G Rated BBS Network
New Jury Duty Scam
  Pass this on to your grown children. This has been verified by the FBI (their link is also included below). Please pass this on to everyone in your email address book. It is spreading fast so be
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