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Homeschool Science Club
Fresh resource for homeschool science topics and product reviews
Harvest Baptist Church
Harvest Baptist ChurchBessemer Alabama
Homeschooling Made Easy With Dr. Fred & Karen
Do you worry about your homeschooling? From mommy taught to self-taught, we help you go from questions to confidence!
Word Search Maker
Word Search Makerword search puzzles covering a variety of topics appropriate for primary grade, middle school and high school students
Homeschooling 101
The infographics includes some essential facts about homeschooling, as well as pros and cons of both public schools and home education.

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Leading Others by Following Jesus
Whether you lead a business, a church, or a family, the wisest approach is to pattern your leadership after people who know how to lead well. And who better demonstrated leadership after than Jesus Christ himself?Willie Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty is with us on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Leading Others by Following Jesus,” sharing an inspiring message on how to emulate the leadership principles that Jesus modeled while He was on Earth.The post Leading Others by Following Jesus appeared first on Jim Daly.
Reading Comprehension and More – A MaxScholar Review
Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. MaxScholar offers a variety of activities for students to improve reading skills with their MaxScholar Orton-Gillingham Software. What […]
GUEST POST: Sinner, Singer, Saint: Charlie Daniels Flies Away
By: Bob DeMossA security guard at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry checked my name and ID against the guest list. With a nod, he directed me backstage to one of the eighteen, uniquely themed dressing rooms to meet country legend, Charlie Daniels. As I approached, I heard Charlie's unmistakable deep baritone voice above the laughter spilling out into the hallway. Reaching the door, I found that the room was packed. The Country Music Hall of Famer, standing at the far side, was holding court with fans, family, and friends before his Opry appearance that evening.The post GUEST POST: Sinner, Singer, Saint: Charlie Daniels Flies Away appeared first on Jim Daly.
Healing the Hurts Behind Your Addiction
What does addiction look like?Johnny Baker compares it to a small water leak he discovered on the side of his house one day. He wasn't sure of the cause, but the leak seemed small and posed little risk.A few weeks later, the water stain had grown, and moss was growing.A few weeks after that, Johnny's wife called him at work and said, “You have to come home right now. Water from our house is flooding the neighbor's yard.”The small leak had grown into a full water line break.The post Healing the Hurts Behind Your Addiction appeared first on Jim Daly.
Praying for Your Sons
Are your boys rambunctious? Messy? Loud? Are they always falling off of their bikes? Wrestling with the neighbor kids? Forgetting the same instruction you've reminded them of a hundred … no, a thousand times?Boys will be boys, but author Brooke McGlothlin says that her boys were so wild she was embarrassed. They were strong-willed from birth and their behavior grew wilder the older they became. Some days, her household felt like one big wrestling match.The post Praying for Your Sons appeared first on Jim Daly.

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Homeschool Daily Schedule 2020 | Homeschool Rhythm & Routine | A Peek Inside My Homeschool Planner
Homeschool Daily Schedule 2020 | Homeschool Rhythm & Routine | A Peek Inside My Homeschool PlannerToday, I'm sharing our daily homeschool schedule for Fall 2020. I've written out the daily rhythm and routine for our multigenerational homeschooling family in ...
ABEKA Homeschool Curriculum | 3rd Grade Tuition and Books
ABEKA Homeschool Curriculum | 3rd Grade Tuition and BooksIn my opinion the Abeka curriculum is one of the best Christian based homeschool program! Irena and I will show you what comes in the 3rd grade package ...
Surprise PA Homeschooling Q & A
Surprise PA Homeschooling Q & AI answered a couple of questions and concerns about how to comply with the Pennsylvania Homeschool Law by parents who are deciding to homeschool due to ...
Botany Unit Overview - Jessica’s Homeschool
Botany Unit Overview - Jessica’s HomeschoolThis is a great tutorial / overview of the "Botany" science unit by The Good and The Beautiful. In this video I not only show you how to put together a brand new ...
Homeschool 101 Webinar
Homeschool 101 WebinarAn overview of all basic questions about homeschooling from getting started to high school transcripts.

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Ice Fishing
A blonde wanted to go ice fishing. She'd seen many books on the subject, and finally, after getting all the necessary "tools" together, she made for the nearest frozen lake. After positioning her comfy stool, she started to make a circular
The Haircut (Priceless)
The  haircut,   (Priceless)    A teenage boy  had just passed his driving test and inquired of his  father as to when  they could discuss his use of the car.     His father  said he'd make a
Don’t Ignore Your Doctor
Don’t Ignore Your Doctor This is why you should never ignore what your Doctor tells ya. The other day I went over to a nearby Pharmacy. When I got there, I went straight to the back of the store to where the Pharmacists’ Counter is
An End of an Era
sad We had technical problems with our old BBS system software and servers. We have been running FamilyNet and the G
FamilyNet is shutting down (BBS Network)
  The technology is old, the software is old, the equipment is old. The system is rebooting every hour... It is no longer worth the cost (in time and dollars) to keep the BBS and FamilyNet running, so - I will be shutting down

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