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Provides information for parents considering homeschooling and resources for parents who have already undertaken the task.
A website that encourages homeschoolers to take part of some wonderful field trips across the state of Missouri.
Consultant Scooter Anderson offers a service to take care of paperwork, advise, counsel, and help new homeschoolers in Clark County get started.
What did Charlotte Mason recommend to take the place of classroom lectures? ... Subscribe to Practical Homeschooling today, and you'll get this quality of ...
Bi-monthly print magazine from a Christian perspective. Liberal arts instruction, teaching aids, preschool activities, science corner, recent or headline news, and curriculum reviews.
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Homeschool Curriculum Flip Through| Let’s Take A Look! | Saxon Math 7/6 saxonmath #homeschoolcurriclumflipthrough #homeschoolmath Here is another Let's take a look. This is Saxon Math 7/6. Saxon is one curriculum I am excited ...
Homeschool 101 Homeschooling is a great option. This is a presentation for the Marigold Coffee Club inn NH. Please take a look and you might be able to apply some of the ...
Plan With Me Step By Step Year Round Homeschool Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!! In today's video I will take you guys with me and show you how to plan step by step a year round homeschool,grab a ...
Homeschool Organisation Hacks| Minimal Homeschool I'm going to take you through my Homeschool paper organisation, and explain how I converted my sideboard to home my printer and paper organisation.
The 4 Hour Homeschool Day - Durenda Wilson, Part 1 Contrary to popular belief, you do have what it takes to give your child a healthy, successful future. In this interview, Yvette Hamptontalks with trusted ...
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Exposure to medication is a leading cause of poisoning in children. Kids have died or become seriously ill after being exposed to a skin patch containing fentanyl, an opioid pain reliever. The FDA urges you to take precautions and make sure patches are stored, used, and disposed of properly.
The president returned to familiar turf inside the United States Capitol on Wednesday to meet with Democrat lawmakers to discuss the budget, a massive spending proposal that promises to plunge the country deeper into debt. Since we were kids, we've been told that money doesn't grow on trees, but you wouldn't know that from the way Congress has been doling out dollars of late. Based on media reports, the Senate majority are expected to ask for somewhere between $3.5 trillion and $4 trillion dollars for the upcoming fiscal year. Of course, contained within those trillions are vital and critical items – military spending to ensure our nation's safety, infrastructure to keep America operational and, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, measures intended to protect our citizens' health and well-being. Yet, also included are dollars many liberals and radicals want to “transform” America – i.e., turn upside down and inside out fundamental values and traditions that have distinguished the United States for well over two centuries. Sadly, there seems to be a prevailing philosophy in Washington these days that money will solve any problem, and the more money we spend, the fewer problems we'll have. It's just not true. Take for instance our ongoing battle to eradicate poverty. Since President Johnson declared a war on poverty in 1964, nearly $26 trillion in taxpayer funds has been spent to fight it.The post More Government Spending Won't Strengthen What's Weak in America appeared first on Jim Daly.
You may notice that my blog posts have been taken down. At this time in my life I hope to concentrate on removing the “beam” from my own eye. Thank you to those friends who have encouraged me in my blogging for the past several years. May the Lord bless and keep you. LisaThe post Posts Removed appeared first on Mom's Blog.
You thought you married the perfect person. Then, over time, you began to notice flaws. Your spouse wasn't as kind and loving as they used to be. Now you fight with each other, you blame each other, and you never really discuss tough issues because that leads to more conflict. You wonder if you made a mistake.What if there's something deeper going on? Is it possible that Satan is attacking your marriage and you're experiencing spiritual warfare?The post The Spiritual Battle for Your Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
Kristin Schell discovered the value of community during a summer immersion program in France. Although she was a stranger in a foreign land, she had never felt so welcomed, loved, and connected before – and she couldn't even understand the language. Many European countries are like France: community takes place around the table. Family and friends join together to celebrate food, life, and each other.That sense of community came back to Kristin years later. By then she was a wife and a mom who spent more time with her children in her minivan than she did around the kitchen table or the fire pit talking about life and God.The post Going on Mission in Your Front Yard appeared first on Jim Daly.
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