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Homeschooling Book Fairs and/or Conventions can be quite large and overwhelming, especially to a first time homeschooler. Many people go with the intention ...
A resource site for families who homeschool. Includes information on homeschooling the student with special needs.
Information page for AVCS, a service for families homeschooling children with special needs including curriculum consulting, an ISP, and a support group.
An amazing collection of folk music, stories, photographs, and traditional artwork from across America.
Features texts, videos, and pamphlets; specialty is Latin and logic.
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Homeschool Chat FAQ! With Carrie from Live Accessible | Homeschooling with Special Needs Homeschool Chat FAQ! With Carrie from Live Accessible | Homeschooling with Special Needs Carrie and I will be discussing frequently asked questions about ...
Homeschool End of  Year Review//What Worked and What Didn't // Special Needs Homeschool//High School endofhomeschoolyear #homeschool #specialneedshomeschool In this video I share our End of Homeschool Year Review. WriteShop Lesson Walkthrough ...
Buiding a bird nest terrarium/Spring project.  #Homeschool Special thank's to scenic regional library for giving us this kids spring projects. You can check their website.https://scenicregional.org/
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Today is the National Day of Prayer.If you're not familiar with it, this annual observance is held on the first Thursday of May and invites people of all faiths to pray for the nation. It was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman.In honor of today, I hope you'll tune in for a special edition of our Focus on the Family Broadcast we're calling “Bringing Purpose and Power to Your Prayer Life.”Our guest is Kathi Lipp, who will help listeners learn how to pray diligently for themselves and others.The post Bringing Purpose and Power to Your Prayer Life appeared first on Jim Daly.
Ésta es la estación de los picnics, las parrilladas y otras fiestas al aire libre. Pero comer al aire libre en un clima cálido presenta un reto de inocuidad alimentaria. Las bacterias en los alimentos se multiplican más rápido a temperaturas entre 40°F a 140°F (4.4 a 60°C), de manera que el calor del verano hace que sea especialmente importante tomar medidas básicas de seguridad para los alimentos.
RADM Richardae Araojo is joined by CAPT Jason Humbert and Minerva Rogers from the Health Fraud Branch in the Office of Regulatory Affairs at FDA to discuss FDA's efforts to stop fraudulent products from reaching our markets, especially those claiming to prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19.
What do you do when you've prayed for a miracle … and the miracle never comes?Jason Hague faced that situation after his son Jack was born. Like any father, Jason had dreams for his relationship with his son – the games they'd play together, the conversations they'd have.Around age two, Jack started to regress developmentally. He struggled to walk. He lost his vocabulary and his ability to communicate. Jack was soon diagnosed with autism, and everything in Jason's family changed.The post Fighting for Joy as a Special Needs Parent appeared first on Jim Daly.
A few years ago, Jean and I held a special gathering on Easter Sunday. Our boys Trent and Troy were there, as were our two foster children – 8 and 10 – and a few friends and their children.As I chatted with the adults in the living room, squeals of laughter erupted out of our kitchen. We all went to investigate and found Jean sitting on the floor covered by Easter grass, and surrounded by dozens of plastic Easter eggs, all opened and the contents strewn across the floor.The post Enjoying Special Days with Your Family appeared first on Jim Daly.
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