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providing curriculum, coaching, and encouragement for homeschooling all the way to high school graduation.
Homeschooling Book Fairs and/or Conventions can be quite large and overwhelming, especially to a first time homeschooler. Many people go with the intention ...
The Textbooks, Tools & Options to Help You Love Your Homeschooling Journey
A Christian School - A Home Bible Study Group where one can learn the teachings of Jesus Christ in the comfort of your home.
RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience.
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Figuring Out Homeschool Compliance Laws... the EASY way. Brought to you by: Ready Set Homeschool, a hands-on workbook that will have you ready to hit the ground running in just 5 days. Grab it here: ...
3 WAYS I OVERCOME HOMESCHOOL FEARS Hi ‍♀️ Mama Friends! When deciding on whether homeschool is for you or when years are under your belt in this homeschooling space we can often find ...
Building Routine Into Your Homeschool Day, February Q&A, Part 1 - Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella Yvette Hampton and Aby Rinella answer your questions about moving to a new town with a much smaller homeschool community and how to build routine into ...
Charlotte Mason in a Jewish Homeschool We follow the Charlotte Mason philosophy in our Jewish homeschool. In this video, I discuss why who Charlotte Mason was, the basics of her philosophy, and ...
five ways to homeschool without stress COLLAB I already uploaded this once and it's disappeared so... this is a collaboration with Ingrid from the Ingrid chronicles. This is her channel ...
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Is math bogging down your homeschool day? (Discount Code expires 2/26!) Number of stars: 5 out of 5. Finding a math curriculum that works for your family can be a challenge! With CTCMath, all of your kids from K-12 can learn at their own pace with one family subscription. That’s right! With a CTCMath membership, […]The post LIGHTNING DEAL ALERT! Is math bogging down your homeschool day? (Discount Code expires 2/26!) appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Are you worried about homeschooling and socialization? Do you know people who are still concerned that homeschooled children aren’t well socialized? Who believe that homeschoolers don’t know how to get along with others, have friends, and deal with real life? Or maybe you feel strongly about it, but your husband does not support homeschooling. I’m […]The post Are You Worried About Homeschooling and Socialization? appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
When it comes to learning at school, students are often faced with challenges of varying degrees. From finding a particular subject such as math difficult, not being able to craft an essay properly to poor presenting skills, there is a lot that a student is supposed to have a good mastery of. In other words,
Many schools are now considering abolishing homework assignments in their institutions. May of their educators supporting this move, often cite various research studies that found out that homework has no significant impact in boosting student performance. This has become a common trend among elementary schools, which now prefer other methods such as 20-minute nightly reading
Do you struggle with getting all your homework done and on time? You are not alone. Many people find it hard to juggle school work, employment, and personal lives. As a result, they take too long on their homework or do not manage to finish their assignments. In this article, we guide you on how
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