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Provides various products and programs for grades K-12.<div class=
Provides various products and programs for grades K-12.
Christian character building study for entire family.
Feed My Lambs is a Christian homeschooling curriculum for early childhood.
CHET Southeast is one of four CHET support groups in the greater Tucson area. It serves members through Fellowship Fridays, field trips, teen groups, Geobee, and social events.
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How Parents Are Turning to Homeschool; a Discussion with Jeremy Newman | Crossroads With schools across the United States turning to remote learning, many parents are looking into homeschool either as an alternative to the public school system ...
QUICK & SIMPLE: How To Plan Homeschool Lessons || Plan With Me QUICK & SIMPLE: How To Plan Homeschool Lessons || Plan With Me I've learned some things as a former public / private school teach and homeschool ...
REASONS WHY I HOMESCHOOL There are soo many personal reasons why one homeschools. In this video I give my main reasons for embarking on this journey and transitioning out of public ...
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Headshot of Danielle Allen with information on campaign with blue and red accentsA series of new events exploring ideas and actions to strengthen America’s democracy will debut in March, April and May with the launch of Our Common Purpose: A Campaign for Civic Strength at the Library of Congress. The initiative is created and hosted by Danielle Allen, who was awarded the 2020 John W. Kluge Prize for Achievement in the Study of Humanity.This new campaign will feature public events hosted virtually on the Library's Facebook page and its YouTube site, along with workshops for K-12 educators to help educators across the country experiment and create new ways of making civic education come to life.Click here for more information.
If cardiac arrest does occur, rapid treatment with a medical device called an automated external defibrillator (AED) can be life-saving.
Picasso cover art for set of poems by Pierre Riverdy A map of Dublin drawn in a first edition of James Joyce's The Library of Congress has acquired the Aramont Library, a collection of rare books from some of the most prolific authors and artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. The gift by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous marks the first time the Aramont Library has been made available to the public. The latest issue of the Library of Congress Magazine features the Aramont Library and some of the most distinctive examples of the library’s volumes. Click here for more information.
The Library of Congress announced this week that it is convening a public committee to enhance communication with external stakeholders about the technology-related aspects of the U.S. Copyright Office’s ongoing modernization initiative. The announcement was published in the Federal Register.Members of the public interested in participating on the Copyright Public Modernization Committee are asked to submit a current curriculum vitae and a statement of interest addressing the questions identified in the Federal Register no later than March 15, 2021, to [email protected] here for more information.
Let me tell you about a boy named Tom. At an early age, he developed a hearing problem, which caused him a lot of trouble at school. He was easily distracted. He frustrated his teachers by disrupting the class and steering the conversation in random directions. His teachers considered him “stupid, restless, and a slow learner who asked too many questions.” Tom's public education was a complete failure.If that were your child, how would you react?The post Nurturing Your Child's Purpose and Passion appeared first on Jim Daly.
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