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Parent and student resources that foster and develop writers who feel comfortable expressing their thoughts on paper.
Recording dance movement on paper in a system called Labanotation.
Offers a varied selection of 16-page tabloid newspaper in education supplements dealing with both academic subjects and social themes. Supplements are grouped by age level, and writing staff is from major metropolitan newsrooms.
Consultant Scooter Anderson offers a service to take care of paperwork, advise, counsel, and help new homeschoolers in Clark County get started.
[ Kids/Teens ] - The Kids Wing of the Museum of Web Art is well supervised by Dot, the Fun Activities Director. Presents art created exclusively for the Web environment, such as buttons, counters, splash pages, and wallpaper, in a bright, eas
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PLAN HOMESCHOOL WITH ME | Anna Vance Paper Co Planner | Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner Hey guys! I'm excited to invite you to plan homeschool with me using my Anna Vance Paper Co planner. I've been using this homeschool planner for months ...
Homeschool Favorites: Winter 2021 Each season I seem to have different things that become favorites in our homeschool, these are my homeschool favorites for the winter season of 2021. Get ALL ...
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CBSE CLASS 12 We provides world class E-learning content for CBSE Class 12 students which help them to learn their Subjects in easiest way and in animated form. We focus on student's problems and to provide solutions in best possible way.We are covering all courses related to CBSE Class 12 Physics Maths Chemistry Biology Commerce Computer Science We also provide Sample papers, solutions, articles on...
Details continue to emerge regarding last week's murder of eight people at three different massage parlors in suburban Georgia. The alleged gunman, Robert Aaron Long, reportedly told police his actions stemmed from a sex addiction he's battling. Angry with himself, he apparently targeted women who enabled his desires. It's impossible to fathom how someone in that position would carry out such evil and horror – but that hasn't stopped both the Washington Post and The New York Times from trying to pin the blame not just on Long, but his supposed belief system. In short, reports in both papers have alluded to the 21-year-old's self-described evangelicalism as the root of his actions, specifically a biblical sexual ethic that calls sex outside marriage sinful. Sunday's New York Times cited Dr.The post NY Times, Washington Post Attempt to Connect Massage Parlor Murders to Biblical Sexual Ethic appeared first on Jim Daly.
This month Chronicling America added newspapers from its 50th contributor – the University of the Virgin Islands! This first newspaper from the U.S. Virgin Islands, the St. Croix Avis (covering 1865-1882), provides a deep dive into a particularly tumultuous time in the U.S. Virgin Islands. In 1867, the islands were on the cusp of being sold to the United States when a hurricane, earthquake, and tsunami struck within a month. Covering the events of 1867 was the St. Croix Avis... Read more about it in our Headlines and Heroes blog post!
Mathematics is a tongue, and per se, it has ethics of writing which must be followed. In a writing class, one should obey the laws of punctuation and grammar; one should write in prearranged paragraphs created with whole sentences, as well as the ultimate draft should be a spotless paper with a heading. Likewise, there
The Library of Congress’ Labs team wants to learn more about new segments of users who aren’t yet connected to our digital collections and services. We are specifically seeking people who use digital resources like history photos, books, documents, newspapers, music, video, maps, data or websites but don't use Library of Congress materials for the following activities. Formal and informal education - K-12 teachers, guides or tutors that might use digital resources to build activities, lesson plans, or educational games or experiences. Activism and community leadership - People, clergy, organizers or activists who might use digital library-like resources to inform awareness of a community, or cause, its history and relationships.Data journalism, communications or media work -These people might use digital library-like resources and data to produce articles, visualizations, or media for general audience. People who produce data-driven stories are of particular interest.Undergraduate creative / art studies - These people might use digital library-like resources as inspirational material or as content or material that they may re-mix or re-make through their creative work.With the selected participants, we will carry out 1-on-1 interviews (not to exceed an hour). All work will be conducted remotely over video chat. The schedule for the interviews will be based on what works best for the participants. Can you connect us with anyone in your network who may want to participate? Feel free to forward this message or direct folks to this sign up form: via the online application (https://forms.gle/xiaB8Swp9VR9xL1j8). Any questions can be sent directly to me, Abbey Potter at [email protected] Thank you very much for helping us make this connection! We will share the outcomes of this research publicly and it will help shape future directions of our work.
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