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Crafts, field trips, educational tips, and adventures...
Five floors of literature, science, media and art exhibits, and programs, in New York City.
Compass Classroom's online homeschool curriculum is easy for moms, fun for students, and smart for everyone! Start with your first month FREE.
Tools for the Homeschool Handy-Mom
mall>[ Kids ] - Wishes and stories about how to make ordinary moments magical.
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How To Reset Your Homeschool Day (When nothing is going right) Howto #Homeschool #Resetyourday I'm a intentional faith based homeschooling mom of two, for the last 7 year's. We created this YouTube channel to help with ...
Homeschool Room Organization + BEST Homeschool Space Tips homeschoolroomorganization #homeschoolroom #homeschoolspaces 11 year homeschool mom shares top Homeschool Room Organization + BEST ...
A Real Look at a Bad Homeschool Day / Homeschooling on Bad Days / Real Homeschool Struggles Today is a real look at a Bad Homeschool Day! Some homeschool days are just hard! The kids are rambunctious, they keep bickering with one another, they ...
4TH GRADE WRITING CURRICULUM | Homeschool Writing 2021-2022 School Year | Giveaway | Secular 4th Grade Writing Curriculum I have been thinking about what to do for our big girl and writing next year. I feel like we have found a great Language Arts program ...
Why you CAN homeschool HIGH SCHOOL!  Encouragement for the homeschool mom who has doubts or fears Are you having doubts about homeschooling in high school? Mama, there is nothing to fear if you've been called to this very important task, and I'm going to tell ...
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The holidays are long gone, and your homeschool year may be drawing to a close in the next few weeks. Are you excited? Or are you tired or discouraged? Are you wondering if you’re jeopardizing your child’s future by not sending him or her to public or private school? Are you worried about finishing (or […]The post Worried About Finishing the School Year? appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
There are so many ways of homeschooling our children! Some parents and children love working closely with each other while using hands-on activities, textbooks, printables, or living books. These parents may be able to spend the majority of their children’s school hours supervising or even directly working with their children. Other students enjoy being more […]The post Teaching Over the Internet: It Can Be Done! appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Two great things about teens are their fearlessness and their energy! (Well, ok, their energy once we’re able to pry them out of bed in the morning!) These two characteristics may be the very ones that cause them to get into so much trouble, too. So how about channeling that fearlessness and extra energy in […]The post YouTube 4 Teens Course (for Fun or Income!) appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Do you remember when you were first married – how you and your spouse enjoyed endless conversation, had fun together every weekend, and always seemed to have time for one another?Do you remember how all of that changed in the years after you became parents – how every moment seemed busy with sports practice, dentist appointments, and school programs?Once a couple has children, it's easy for the marriage to get pushed down the priority list.The post Loving Your Spouse in the Midst of Parenthood appeared first on Jim Daly.
There's an old saying: “If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.”In most homes, Mom sets the tone. She's the temperature gauge. If she's in a great mood, everything else will run smooth.Many women enter motherhood envisioning themselves as patient, kind, loving, soft, and gentle. And when they actually have a child, they're confronted with the reality that children have a will of their own from infancy.Children have an incredible way of pushing a mom's buttons and triggering what author Becky Kopitzke calls the “momster.” Motherhood will find a way to squeeze out the most sinful parts of a woman, even one who strives to be under control and in tune with God.The post Ditching the Cranky Monster Mom appeared first on Jim Daly.
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