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The O'Connor family shares how homeschooling affects marriage, their faith, and her quilting. They also maintain a homeschool classified board, and links to local resources.
FamilyLife, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, provides practical, biblical tools to strengthen marriage and family relationships, including the ...
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Do you believe that God can save a marriage – any marriage?Patricia Ashley didn't always think so. At one time, her marriage to Vernon was dead. She says, “I didn't love my husband. I didn't hate him. I wasn't glad to see him come. I wasn't glad to see him go. It didn't make a difference what time he came in or if he came in at all. It was dead.”They were isolated from each other.The post Experiencing a Fulfilled Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
Do you remember when you were first married – how you and your spouse enjoyed endless conversation, had fun together every weekend, and always seemed to have time for one another?Do you remember how all of that changed in the years after you became parents – how every moment seemed busy with sports practice, dentist appointments, and school programs?Once a couple has children, it's easy for the marriage to get pushed down the priority list.The post Loving Your Spouse in the Midst of Parenthood appeared first on Jim Daly.
If you made a list of all the bad things that you never thought would happen, what would you write down?For some, picking up the broken pieces of your life and starting over again with a blended family might be at the top of that list.This new chapter may have come about through death or divorce or some other circumstance, but the challenge is the same: how to overcome the difficulties common to blended families and give this new part of your life its best chance to thrive.The post Improving Your Marriage as a Blended Family Couple appeared first on Jim Daly.
How big is your marriage's “joy gap”?Dr. Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey, authors of the book The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages, describe a “joy gap” as the length of time between moments of joy.If you apply that unit of measurement to your marriage, how long has it been? Days? Weeks? Months?Your joy gap can be especially lengthy if you're waiting for your circumstances to change, for your spouse to make you joyful, or for God to zap you with joy.The post Filling Your Marriage with Joy appeared first on Jim Daly.
Details continue to emerge regarding last week's murder of eight people at three different massage parlors in suburban Georgia. The alleged gunman, Robert Aaron Long, reportedly told police his actions stemmed from a sex addiction he's battling. Angry with himself, he apparently targeted women who enabled his desires. It's impossible to fathom how someone in that position would carry out such evil and horror – but that hasn't stopped both the Washington Post and The New York Times from trying to pin the blame not just on Long, but his supposed belief system. In short, reports in both papers have alluded to the 21-year-old's self-described evangelicalism as the root of his actions, specifically a biblical sexual ethic that calls sex outside marriage sinful. Sunday's New York Times cited Dr.The post NY Times, Washington Post Attempt to Connect Massage Parlor Murders to Biblical Sexual Ethic appeared first on Jim Daly.
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