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Resources, curriculum reviews, guidelines, and forums for nonreligious homeschoolers.
This site is an inclusive internet-based group created to forge an atmosphere of comraderie among local homeschoolers.
Computer articles for homeschooling.
Co-op and field trip information for this inclusive local support group.
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15 Things I Wish I Knew Before Homeschooling | HOMESCHOOL TIPS 2021| How to Homeschool 15 things I wish I knew before homeschooling. Homeschool tips for beginner homeschoolers 2021. A veteran homeschool mom shares what she would tell ...
Homeschool Workshops May 2021 Looking for a cool field trip for your homeschoolers? Bring them out to a wood burning class! Great way to earn extra-curricular art credits! Children under 12 ...
Do It Yourself No-Cost Drivers Training for California Homeschoolers: Homeschool Hangout To get links to the forms and a written walkthrough please check out the article on NerdFamily.com!
6 FREE HOMESCHOOL MATH CURRICULUM AND RESOURCES Hey, homeschoolers! I've got some FREE math curriculum and resources for you and your homeschool. Check out Katie's channel at Life in the Mundane here ...
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Are you worried about homeschooling and socialization? Do you know people who are still concerned that homeschooled children aren’t well socialized? Who believe that homeschoolers don’t know how to get along with others, have friends, and deal with real life? Or maybe you feel strongly about it, but your husband does not support homeschooling. I’m […]The post Are You Worried About Homeschooling and Socialization? appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Homeschoolers and Covid-19 online learners can take advantage of the pandemic and create learning that can last a lifetime. Combine academics and worldwide trauma into a situation that helps make sense of this radical change.
As we wrap up the school year, I know many have their minds on what to do to keep them busy all summer. This summer, the summer of the Pandemic 2020, is especially interesting. Many familiar saw their school situation change. Homeschoolers had their schedules changed and interrupted with work schedule changes, parents home, parents […]
Tim Lambert from THSC and Valerie Swanson, a homeschool Mom, talk about their decisions as Chrisitans to be involved in politics
Donna C, the author of Homeschooling Only One, explains the challenges of homeschooling only one child, whether it's homeschooling the last one, the first one, the grandchild or only having one child. Great insight for all homeschoolers.
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