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A Christian School - A Home Bible Study Group where one can learn the teachings of Jesus Christ in the comfort of your home.
The mission of Acadiana Christian Homeschool Services is to assist parents in educating their children, to teach God's truth and wisdom in the knowledge and� ...
Produces individualized self-instructional Christian curriculum and other programs for schools and home schools. <span class=
Ready to start your homeschool year? Let's get started today with NFC Academy's fully accredited K-12 online homeschool programs. Contact us at 888.407.6327.
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There's a store where you can touch homeschool curriculum! - look around with me at Mardel Have you ever heard of Mardel? It's a Christian and Education store where you can actually touch homeschool curriculum before you buy it! Check it out.
CURRENT EVENTS WITH KIDS | CHARLOTTE MASON HOMESCHOOL Hello, my sweet friend. I am Elizabeth, a homeschooling mom of 6 children ages 3-14. I am a Christian wife and homemaker struggling daily to simplify life, have ...
5 Ways to Integrate Missionaries and Missions Into Your Homeschool Join as Ana talks about ways to integrate missions in your homeschool and how impactful it can be to teach your children about the lives of Christian heroes.
NOTEBOOKS FOR MY KIDS | CHARLOTTE MASON HOMESCHOOL Hello, my sweet friend. I am Elizabeth, a homeschooling mom of 6 children ages 3-14. I am a Christian wife and homemaker struggling daily to simplify life, have ...
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By: Michelle EastonHow can you be sure your daughter remains a conservative woman of faith once she leaves your home? Given toxic social media, radical indoctrination in schools, and a popular culture that promotes non-traditional values, parents can't assume she'll stay conservative because she went to church. The best parenting mimics the way our heavenly Father loves his children, so our default parental setting should be to return to the immutable and transcendent Judeo-Christian truths that shaped America's founding.The post GUEST POST: How to Raise an Anti-Woke Daughter appeared first on Jim Daly.
Darrell Waltrip was one of the most successful drivers on the NASCAR circuit in the 1980s.Together, he and his wife, Stevie, are chairpersons for Motor Racing Outreach, a Christian organization that holds chapel services for the drivers, crews, and their families. They also distribute Christian literature and offer other support for those in the NASCAR community. I appreciate the work they perform at NASCAR tracks on weekends.I got the opportunity to speak with Darrell and Stevie on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Marriage in the Stressful World of NASCAR.” We recorded at the Darrell Waltrip Museum in front of a live audience of Focus friends right before a race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.The post Marriage in the Stressful World of NASCAR appeared first on Jim Daly.
Matt Hammit was the lead singer of the Christian rock band Sanctus Real for 20 years. In the early years of the band, performing at a music festival, he noticed a beautiful girl in overalls dancing like no one was watching. The next day, at another worship event over three hours away, he saw her again.Her name was Sarah. Raised in a Christian home, she became a “party girl” in college. When she saw Matt onstage at the music festival leading worship, she felt drawn to him and prayed, “God, I'll quit drinking if you let me marry that guy.” They began dating and quickly fell in love.The post Fighting for Your Marriage No Matter What appeared first on Jim Daly.
Focus on the Family serves the culture according to five foundational pillars. The first pillar is evangelism and discipleship.Many Christians shy away from evangelism these days. Sharing one's faith seems more difficult than ever. We don't want to take an aggressive, “in your face” approach, so we swing the pendulum the other way and become silent, “undercover Christians.”Is there a middle ground?Greg Koukl is our guest on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Finding Peace in Your Everyday Life.” He is an apologist and the founder and president of Stand to Reason ministries.The post Sharing Your Faith with Grace and Purpose appeared first on Jim Daly.
Byron “Tanner” Cross is the type of physical education instructor you want teaching your children.At 38 years of age, the Leesburg Elementary School PE teacher in Loudon County, Virginia, is committed, energetic, enthusiastic and deeply principled – a man who refuses to bow to “woke” politics and propaganda.So, perhaps it's no surprise that Mr. Cross found himself wrapped up in controversy last month after objecting to his school district's new transgender policy. In short, he refused to call boys “girls” and girls “boys.”And for that, he was suspended and threatened with losing his job altogether.The post Tanner Cross's Reinstatement is a Victory for the Christian Faith and the Constitution appeared first on Jim Daly.
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