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A Christian School - A Home Bible Study Group where one can learn the teachings of Jesus Christ in the comfort of your home.
The mission of Acadiana Christian Homeschool Services is to assist parents in educating their children, to teach God's truth and wisdom in the knowledge and� ...
Produces individualized self-instructional Christian curriculum and other programs for schools and home schools. <span class=
Ready to start your homeschool year? Let's get started today with NFC Academy's fully accredited K-12 online homeschool programs. Contact us at 888.407.6327.
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Why I avoid "Christian" homeschool curriculum | (As A Person of Faith) 2 reasons why as a person of faith, I avoid homeschool curriculum that is advertised and targeted as "Christian"
2021-2022 HOMESCHOOL PLANNER || MARDEL PLANNER || PLANNING FOR HIGH SCHOOL Hello Everyone! Welcome to my channel.. todays video is our 2021-2022 Homeschool Planner Choice. I hope you enjoy. Please give this video a thumbs up ...
Homeschool MARCH Update | 2021 | INDIA, CHINA, & JAPAN studies homeschool101 #homeschoolmom #homeschool Hi! I'm a Christian, homeschool mom of 6 kids (ages 10, 8, 6, 5, and twins that are 2). Welcome to this episode ...
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Pain has been called “the gift that no one wants.” And with good reason. Pain is a very real part of life – for all of us.Many of you know my story. My mom died when I was nine years old. My stepdad abandoned me and my siblings within hours of her funeral. A few years later, my biological father died of alcoholism, and I spent several years in foster care. I got through it all mainly because of Christians like my football coach, who inspired me to turn to Christ and walk a path of hope and healing.The post Walking Through the Healing Process appeared first on Jim Daly.
The essence of our Christian faith rests on the reality of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday.Although C.S. Lewis is often credited with the succinct summary that Jesus Christ was either a liar, lunatic or Lord, it was the Scottish Christian preacher “Rabbi” John Duncan who once observed in 1859:“Christ either [1] deceived mankind by conscious fraud, or [2] He was Himself deluded and self-deceived, or [3] He was Divine. There is no getting out of this trilemma.The post Four Reasons You Can Believe With Confidence that Jesus Really Rose from the Dead appeared first on Jim Daly.
‘A Week Away' captures the look and sounds of summer camp but misses out on the beliefs beneath its catchy songs.
Film reviews, interviews and commentary from Christianity Today.
When the government blocked his Christian radio station, Chanda had to find another way to spread the good news of Jesus. His answer came on a microchip.
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