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What Makes a CLEP or DSST Exam Easy?

What Makes a CLEP or DSST Exam Easy?

It certainly is nice to have an easy time now and then. But if you are going for a college degree should you really expect any of it to be easy? What are the secrets to passing an exam? There are at least three:

1. Good Study Habits

These include:
?- Focused study time. Limit distractions and set a time for study. You may need to turn of the iPod or Facebook to get yourself into the zone for study.
?- Having clear goals. It can really help if you map out where you want to be in a year. Students achieve more with a good game plan.
?- Adequate rest.
?- Eating well. Watch the sugar and caffeine. Fuel your body for study.

2. Familiarity with the Subject

This comes from:
?- Interest. Find a topic that interests you. With so many CLEP and DSST exams you surely can find one that peaks your interest.
?- Crossover. One of our biggest factors for success is finding exams that build on one another. So, Art follows Humanities, Government is followed by US History and English Lit comes after Analyzing Lit. The students on the InstantCert forum are expert on which exams to take in what order.

3. The Best Tools

Do your homework here. Find out:
?- Which textbooks and sources other used sucessfully.
?- Which textbooks and materials match the specifics of your exam. Don't spend time on Teddy Roosevelt for the US History 1 exam and make sure your course?description is of the most recent version of the test.

A little work and effort makes testing much easier.

Happy studying!!

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