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Help the Library of Congress Labs Team Learn How to Support Our Users

Help the Library of Congress Labs Team Learn How to Support Our Users

The Library of Congress’ Labs team wants to learn more about new segments of users who aren’t yet connected to our digital collections and services.

We are specifically seeking people who use digital resources like history photos, books, documents, newspapers, music, video, maps, data or websites but don't use Library of Congress materials for the following activities.

Formal and informal education - K-12 teachers, guides or tutors that might use digital resources to build activities, lesson plans, or educational games or experiences.

Activism and community leadership - People, clergy, organizers or activists who might use digital library-like resources to inform awareness of a community, or cause, its history and relationships.

Data journalism, communications or media work -These people might use digital library-like resources and data to produce articles, visualizations, or media for general audience. People who produce data-driven stories are of particular interest.

Undergraduate creative / art studies - These people might use digital library-like resources as inspirational material or as content or material that they may re-mix or re-make through their creative work.

With the selected participants, we will carry out 1-on-1 interviews (not to exceed an hour). All work will be conducted remotely over video chat. The schedule for the interviews will be based on what works best for the participants.

Can you connect us with anyone in your network who may want to participate? Feel free to forward this message or direct folks to this sign up form: via the online application (https://forms.gle/xiaB8Swp9VR9xL1j8). Any questions can be sent directly to me, Abbey Potter at [email protected]

Thank you very much for helping us make this connection! We will share the outcomes of this research publicly and it will help shape future directions of our work.

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