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Large Family Mom Day in the Life | December Edition (FINALLY getting back in my YouTube groove 😜)

I also wanted to call this large family mom vlog "where the cookies go wrong and momma passes out," haha 😆. In today's video, I'm working on getting back in my YouTube groove of just turning the camera on and start filming where we left off. We run to Aldi, get Gabriel's tap shoes in the mail, make a bazillion cookies that DON'T turn out, and head to the Narnia Musical the following day. Thanks for joining our fun. xoxo

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Mills Family Home School Year Week 4 [feat. ACE Curriculum] This week we participate in a coloring contest, attend the Moorcroft High School homecoming football game and get a special package all the way from Canada!
Teaching Kids What You're Good At: Homeschooling Encouragement from Brave Writer The time it takes to pass on your expertise to your children is one of the benefits of homeschooling and one of the most empowering tools for giving kids a sense ...
Mills Family Home School Year Week 10 ║ Feat. ACE Curriculum │Large Family Vlog

This week we take the day off for Thanksgiving, continue with our decluttering efforts and begin making Christmas plans.

My Home School Routine Part 2 Since I don't go to private school anymore I am showing you how I spend my typical home school day. If you watched my last video with my morning routine you ...
Preschool homeschool cirriculum What we are using to teach our preschooler at home.
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VHC #5: What are my reasons for homeschooling? Join, participate, or just watch other mamas at the virtual homeschooling coop http://virtualhomeschoolcoop.com.
Homeschool Update: March 2017 Hey friends! In this video I chat a bit about life in our homeschool during the month of March 2017. I'd love to know how your March went down, so please ...
Creative Copywork Journal ~ Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling: The Thinking Tree Sarah Brown The Creative Copywork Journal lets you and your child choose what passages to copy. This beautiful journal will give your child a place to put all their copywork ...
Day in the Life of a Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Mum of 7 || Vlogmas Day 6

If you want to skip the homeschool part then go straight to the second half of this video.
Today I focus on my 6 year old's education.

How We Use BJU Press Elementary Bible Truths In Our Homeschool Homeschool Help For Homeschool Families! HomeWorks By Precept provides the homeschool community with the best textbooks and resources available for ...
New to homeschooling + My introduction to youtube! Just started homeschooling 2 months ago. Never thought I would. I have 4 kids (twins in the mix) Because Youtube is the reason homeschool has been better ...
Your Reason For Homeschooling The decision to homeschool shouldn't be taken lightly. Marc Lapointe discusses why it's so important to know "why" you are homeschooling.
DITL | Homeschooling | Reading Lessons A glimpse into our daily reading lessons for my 6, 4, and 2 year old.
Homeschool || How to Not Burn Out from Homeschooling

How to survive homeschool burn out. Homeschool burn out is very normal in the month of December. BUrn out has the perfect conditions for Homeschooling in December. You are tired, the holiday season is getting us busy, our curriculum is showing its true self. There are ways to combat burn out with homeschool.

Here they are.
1. Take a 2 week break or more. Seriously, take a break and get your mind out of it. No homeschooling plan.
2. Reduce your curriculum down to the basics. Just reading and writing with math is enough. Take your curriculum down to the minimum. Check out my Robinson Curriculum Review.
3. Modify how you use the Curriculum. You do not have to use the way they present it. Use the homeschool curriculum in the ways that work for your family.
4. Replace that parts of your homeschool curriculum that are not working.
5. Connect with other homeschool families.

You can survive homeschooling in the hard months and they will get better.

DITL: Homeschooling Five Kids || Nov 2016

Homeschooling our five kids is a wild ride! Watch our video to see how I teach my five children at the same time.