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Striving to be a part of your educational process, as you journey from young child to young adult, from beginning teacher to accomplished educator, and from new parent to experienced caregiver or homeschool provider.
Discount homeschool curriculum and educational materials.
Tennessee museum offers learning opportunities in the arts, sciences, and history. Site gives information on classes, exhibits, and volunteer opportunities.
CHEWV is a ministry founded for the purpose of encouraging and equipping families in the performance of their God-given responsibilities to train and educate their children.
Christian school providing quality education with a Biblical worldview and loving discipleship.
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Homeschool Update || Week 6 - its a rollercoaster ride I will come back and give you a full description. This year has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and stress. As a first year cc mom, I am going through the ...
Day 8 : IT DIDN'T GO TO PLAN |  Year 5 Homeschool Vlog Sometimes things don't always go to plan but it's ok, since homeschooling is so flexible it allows you to give more time to topics you enjoy and love.
Our first day of School! Homeschool style :D Hey friends!! I thought I'd give you a quick look into our first day of homeschooling my three girls! Evelynne just started Kindergarden, Liya is in Pre-K and ...
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My friend and new Focus on the Family colleague, Dr. Meg Meeker, is a highly acclaimed pediatrician who has spent the past 30 years treating children, helping parents, and writing, teaching and speaking on numerous issues that impact the family. One of the best things I appreciate about Dr. Meg is that she's practical and regularly addresses the issues parents and children are facing.Today, I pose a question to her that I think every parent has asked or pondered:Is the affirmation you give your kids hurting or helping them?The post Is the Affirmation You Give Your Kids Hurting or Helping Them? appeared first on Jim Daly.
How does one possibly sum up a life as full and as fruitful as businessman and philanthropist Richard DeVos, the Amway co-founder and friend and supporter of many evangelical Christian efforts and organizations, including Focus on the Family, who died yesterday at the age of 92?“The Lord was good to me and I gotta go out and try and tell how good God is,” Mr. DeVos recently reflected. “I'd like to be remembered by enjoying the time we were given here by loving what the good Lord gave us, and we did the best we could with it.”I was honored to spend a very small fraction of Richard DeVos' time with him, shortly after I had become president of the ministry. The post Two Lessons I Learned from Richard DeVos appeared first on Jim Daly.
Math is one of those subjects that works best if you can find just the right curriculum to meet your particular child’s needs. Some children like more one-on-one teaching and guidance. Others need more freedom to learn and explore math concepts on their own. When my son (who has now graduated from our homeschool) was in […]The post Teaching Textbooks Free Trial and Giveaway appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
My son Troy's love language is physical touch. When he was younger, he was the first one to run into my arms when I got home each night. Even now as a teenager, he loves when I give him a big bear hug.My older son, Trent, is more introverted and cerebral. I've asked him if he's okay with hugs, and he says yes, but sometimes he stands so rigid he's like hugging a pole. I have to remind him to use his arms.The post The Five Love Languages of Teenagers appeared first on Jim Daly.
I live just two hours from Florence, Alabama and regularly travel the highway right next to them. I had never heard of it and really didn’t think twice about driving right past their turn. Until a couple of weeks ago. I won’t make that mistake again. Let me share why… That picture will give you […]The post Music and The Shoals of Alabama appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
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