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Karen Kain is one of the most respected ballet dancers in the world. She gave over 10,000 performances in her career. Somebody once asked her if age was the dancer's worst enemy. Karen answered, “Sometimes. But sometimes the dancer's worst enemy is themselves. They get in their own way.”Karen's response gets to the heart of dance. It's the art of movement. It's all about placing your feet, your hands, and your arms in the right spots at the right times and moving in concert with the music and your partner.The post Never Stop Looking Up in Your Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
Author and speaker J.John tells this story:At the end of a long work day, an employee left his factory, pushing a wheelbarrow through the gate to head home. Inside the wheelbarrow was a small box.The security guard stopped the man and asked, “What have you got in your wheelbarrow?”“I've got a small box,” he said.“What's in the box?”The worker replied, “The sawdust from the floor. At the end of the day, it gets swept up and is thrown away.The post Gaining a New Perspective in Life appeared first on Jim Daly.
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In his new HBO show 'Crashing,' the former evangelical winks to Christian fans.If Pete Holmes’s HBO series Crashing is his love letter to comedy, the church at least gets a tender PS.Inspired by Holmes’s life and evangelical background, the show follows a nice Christian guy who’s trying to make it in standup after his divorce leaves him dumbstruck and homeless. Episode to episode, his character crashes with Sarah Silverman, Artie Lange, T. J. Miller, and other comics he meets while grappling with the brutal New York comedy scene and his quarter-life crisis.Fans will not be surprised that Holmes’s series, complete with tracks from Joel Osteen sermons and Jars of Clay CDs, puts faith at the forefront. Even though he’s no longer an evangelical, he can’t resist talking about God. Religion constantly comes up in his popular podcast, You Made It Weird. On Crashing—which he produces with Judd Apatow—the TV version of Holmes makes for a likeably, laughably naïve protagonist; he stands by his clean comedy, owns up to being a “God guy,” and explains to his new buddies why he and his ex waited to have sex until marriage.These days, Holmes, 38, draws inspiration from contemplative Catholic Richard Rohr, spiritualist Ram Dass, and pastor Rob Bell, now one of his best friends. The two go on tour together, and Bell prompted Holmes’s newest project: a book about God.While his churchgoing days may be behind him, the Los Angeles comic considers himself “a Christ-leaning spiritual seeker” who finds new meaning in the Christian vocabulary and stories with which he was raised. CT online editor Kate Shellnutt talked to Holmes about his new show and the intersection between his faith and his comedy.Continue reading...
Studying can be extremely boring; it can be an act of learning, or an act of trying to acquire knowledge in various ways. Although most people dislike the act of studying as it gets their brains to work 24/7, studying can turn into an exciting hobby, an entertaining and time-wise activity to keep the body and mind active.
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