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Indpendent Baptist Church Web Portal
Homeschool curriculum supplier located in Pennsylvania. Contains homeschooling articles, forms, and product listings. From a Christian perspective.
This site contains information and links for homeschooling, ADD/ADHD, violent crime prevention, and lung cancer information.
The goals, events, and activities of NAHE support groups. Also contains reasons home education is superior to classroom instruction, and reasons it encourages better character development.
Contains up-to-date information on RHSA activities and forums.
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Brightstorm Math uses online video to comprehensively cover the topics found in major textbooks, state frameworks and NCTM standards: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus (Calculus coming soon!). The site contains over 1,800 engaging online videos with clear and concise concept explanations and sample problems.
Sierra Soups of Fresno, Ca is recalling its 13 ounce packages of "Pasta e Fagioli" because the soup mix contains an individually wrapped package of pasta, which contains gluten
New in Digital CollectionsCalvin Coolidge Papers Project from the Manuscript DivisionDigitized from 190 reels of previously reproduced microfilm, these papers constitute the largest collection of original Coolidge documents in the world. The collection dates primarily during his presidency and contains correspondence, telegraph messages, appointments and more. The correspondence chronicles the political environment of the 1920s. Foreign Legal Gazettes from the Law Library of CongressThe first release of Foreign Legal Gazettes is now available. Eritrean Proclamations and Legal Notices is the first addition to this digital collection. The Law Library of Congress has been collecting foreign official gazettes since the mid-19th century and maintains one of the largest collections of these sources in the world. Garden and Forest"Garden and Forest: A Journal of Horticulture, Landscape Art, and Forestry (1888-1897)" is now available digitally. The first American journal devoted to horticulture, botany, landscape preservation, park development, scientific forestry and conservation, the 10-volume journal contains over 1,000 illustrations and 2,000 pages of advertisements. Updated Digital CollectionsMeeting of FrontiersOriginally funded by Congress, Meeting of Frontiers is devoted to documenting the exploration and settlement of the American West, the parallel exploration and settlement of Siberia and the Russian Far East and the meeting of the Russian-American frontier in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The digital collection has been updated to include a batch of digital collections from Russia, and a new article detailing the breadth of the collection's material.Publications from the Law Library of CongressMore than 250 reports from the Law Library of Congress written between 1999 and 2015 are now available.
Orca Bay Foods of Seattle, WA is recalling 4,450 lb. (356 cases) of 10 oz. retail box Trader Joe's brand Gluten Free Battered Halibut SKU 00503822, because it contains undeclared wheat and milk allergens.
The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers not to purchase or use Magnum XXL 50K, a product promoted for sexual enhancement. This product was identified during an examination of imported goods.
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