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Formerly Canadian Homeschool Resource Page. Links to chats and forums, other homeschooling sites, educational sites and homeschooled kids' personal pages; lists of homeschooling conferences, universities and colleges accepting homeschoolers, books, m
Collegiate Homeschooling provides inspiration, encouragement and instruction for obtaining college credit for high school, college or adult learners.
College and SAT preparation resources for the Christian homeschooler from Dr. James Stobaugh.
The homeschooling curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of college-bound students. Whether you want to attend a two-year college or four-year university, ...
Offers the positive and negative views of homeschooling, resources that are available for homeschooling, and links to colleges.
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Camp Hope Homeschool Camp 2018 Pictures and video clips from Homeschool Camp 2018 at Camp Hope GA.
Get Ready With Me || Homeschool Mom || Episode 28 Hi, thanks for watching my video. Please email me at melissa.grayum@gmail.com if you are interested in buying any of the SM makeup you see. Thanks!
HOMESCHOOL PLANNING STEP #2: PLANNING YOUR HOMESCHOOL YEAR || PLAN WITH ME 📝 PLAN WITH ME! In this series, my friend Tanya & I will be sharing our homeschool planning for the year! ⬇⬇⬇ I am sharing how I will be planning our ...
SUMMER HOMESCHOOL PLANS! We like to take a summer break from homeschooling, but I like to still keep my childrens' minds working, and a few educational activities available for them.
Homeschool Lesson Plan Ideas | The Emancipation Proclamation | Weeks 5 & 6 Homeschool Lesson Plan Ideas for Early Elementary 2018 ! Let's travel back in time together as we begin Week 5 and 6, where we focus on the Emancipation ...
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We've all heard the stereotypes about homeschoolers, right? You know, the assumptions people make when they find out that you're one of “those” families. A lot of times, people's curiosity about (or disapproval of) homeschooling may reveal itself in the many questions they ask about your children's future welfare. They may ask, “Don't you worry […]The post 10 Reasons Homeschoolers Rock at College and Adulthood appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Worried about the cost of college – How does $1 per day sound? We are always on the lookout for opportunities that will help you educate your children… and this one is too good to not share! Great Opportunity! Seriously, if my husband did not work for a university where he receives tuition remission, we […]The post Worried About the Cost of College – How Does $1 per Day Sound? appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Some college students listen to their iPods at volumes that may lead to hearing damage, according to a new study
Years ago my family met a young man who was ready to graduate High School and College simultaneously at the impressive age of 17 for about $5,000. What has followed has been an interesting and challenging journey into the world of "out of the box", Credit by Examination collegiate homeschooling.The beginning was bumpy, as we had no experience and had not discovered many of the invaluable resources we utilize today. My students studied for months for the first test, CLEP American Government, and passed with fair scores, although we wasted time studying some less than ideal materials. God showed favor on our efforts and the kids have been richer for what they learned from that course.The next year we hit a bit of a bump in the road as my husband spent several months in the hospital. As he began to rehab close to home we got back in the CLEP game and began to study for the Humanities exam. This was followed by literature courses and a few more history/social science courses. During this time we found some of the resources we use all the time, like InstantCert and REA study guides with the CD-ROM that simulates the actual testing experience. My dd, having graduated from her homeschool high school studies, moved at a faster pace than my ds#1 who was still in high school and competing in Lincoln Douglas debate.These days, now that both are graduated and we are finished with debate, we are really focused on getting their degrees ASAP. Dd is going for a Communications Bachelor and ds#1 is pursuing an Associates in Business, followed by a communications degree, Lord willing.This road is a bit off the beaten path but it is a good road, full of adventure, creativity, flexibility and family time. More on the "why" of college at home later......
The CLEP American Government test is a 3 credit exam Social Sciences and History exam. This was our first CLEP exam and it makes a great starting point for students who love history, are interested in government and politics or are competing in debate.Here is a list of materials we used, our method of study and what you must know to pass.....Materials available for this exam can be pretty overwhelming. I used any text available at the library covering CLEP American Government or AP US Government and Politics, includingKaplan AP U.S. Government & Politics 2009 (Kaplan Ap Us Government and Politics) Barron's AP U.S. Government and Politics CLEP Official Study Guide 2010 American Government (Cliffs Quick Review) Peterson's online practice examsBy far my favorite was the Cliffs guide. You can access it free here.Be sure to study the glossary (we memorized it) and take good notes. The other sources were used for test practice and "out loud" question. Other materials may be just as good. We would have used InstanCert but we had not discovered it yet.REA just released their CLEP American Government w/CD-ROM (REA) (Best Test Preparation for the CLEP). Consider using it as your main textbook and supplementing with the Cliffs Guide.Prior to this exam we had little experience in dealing with multiple choice questions at the college level. Together we learned to reason through choices and narrow down to the best answer. Daily I read aloud from the Cliffs guide while they took notes. We spent a lot of time chasing rabbits and creating analogies to help reinforce difficult concepts. This was followed by lots of drill with flashcards made from the Cliffs glossary. The last phase of study was practice tests and as soon as they were scoring in the 60's (according to the CLEP scoring method) we made the appointment for the exam. Other methods may be just as good but this served us pretty well.In order to pass this exam you must know the following concepts well:The Constitution, ammendments and articles Articles of Confederation Major supreme court cases Civil rights acts and their impacts Civil Liberties Types of Federalism The job of the Senate, President, VP, ect Congressional Procedures and committees (differences between committees) A more extensive list of topics covered and percentages is covered at College Board.I highly recommend this CLEP for any student in NCFCA Team Policy debate, both for the knowledge gained but also because policy debate prepares the student for parts of this exam. Your student will learn so much about the government and be able to apply this to negative and affirmative argumentation. For those not in debate this still makes a good starting point as it can be a good foundation for the US History 1 & 2 exams.
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