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NASA's Tom Neumann explained why the polar regions are so important for the global climate system and what satellites like GRACE-FO and ICESat-2 will contribute to our understanding of them.Click here to watch the video.
Mexican novelist Cristina Rivera Garza read from her work and participate in a moderated discussion with translators Suzanne Jill Levine and Aviva Kana. Her latest novel, "The Taiga Syndrome" (El mal de la Taiga) was published in English in 2018.Click here to watch the video.
Vivi Lachs discusses her book, "Whitechapel Noise: Jewish Immigration Life in Yiddish Song & Verse, London 1884-1914."Click here to watch the video.
Representatives of D.C.-based chocolate makers Harper Macaw discussed the company's history, the state of cacao production in Brazil, and the history of chocolate and cacao in Brazil and Latin America.Click here to watch the video.
Book historian Sarah Werner draws on her experience of writing a book introducing handpress printing to explore how to create a feminist history of printing. Looking at how scholars, theorists, artists, and poets have talked about the acts of printing and being a female maker, she weaves a practice of historical connections and present acts that makes a case for the necessity of opening our field to all questioners.Click here to watch the video.
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