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The U.S. has a growing number of citizens who do not identify with either of the parties that comprise our two-party political system. This panel discussion explored the potential impacts that this phenomenon will have on the future of political parties and American politics in general.Click here to watch the video.
Davide Ceriani discussed his project, "Defining Italian Cultural Identity in American Urban Centers through Opera from Mass Migration to World War II." Ceriani's interdisciplinary, multi-lingual research aims to fill a significant gap in immigration history, which at least in the case of Italian-Americans has focused primarily on socioeconomic improvement and only occasionally on the arts; with few exceptions, opera in particular has been ignored.Click here to watch the video.
Martin Hilbert discussed the impact of big data, computational analysis and machine learning on the democratic process. In this conversation, Hilbert addressed both challenges and opportunities presented by emerging big data technologies.Click here to watch the video.
The Library's Veterans History Project commemorated National Gold Star Mother and Family Day with a Gold Star Legacy panel of renowned experts who discussed how families and organizations honor and preserve the legacy of the United States military members who died as a result of their service in war.Click here to watch the video.
Wyoming-based folklorist Andrea Graham discussed her fieldwork among fishers and hunters in the contemporary American West and explores how these traditions maintain, reinforce, and celebrate deeply-rooted elements of place, family and community life.Click here to watch the video.
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