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Frugal ideas for homeschooling, including unit studies, educational software reviews, recipes, and safety tips.
Provides learning activities geared toward preschoolers. Includes teaching tips, story stretchers, and a guide to getting started.
Tips and support for those homeschooling only children.
A national quarterly publication for Christian homeschoolers. Nearly 100 pages focusing on lifestyle issues, teaching tips, suggestions, and homeschool biographies.
Presents tips and tidbits on how to make learning fun. Based on the book by Dianne Wilton. Also includes homeschool links.
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HOW TO MAKE HOMESCHOOLING FUN | TIP & TRICKS TO KEEP HOMESCHOOL INTERESTING homeschool #homeschooling In today's video, I discuss several tips and tricks to keep homeschooling fun and interesting. Homeschooling can often fall into a ...
How to Create a Homeschool Room - DIY on a budget In our last video, I gave you a tour of our newly updated homeschool room, with tips on setup and organization for high school and middle school. This time, I ...
Top 5 Homeschool Curriculums for Fall 2020 - KrisandLarry Our top 5 Picks for Fall 2020 Curriculum. . If you homeschool, let me know your favorite homeschool curriculum as well as your best tips for new homeschoolers!
Bootstrapping homeschooling / Help for new homeschoolers / Bustling Homeschool Are you looking to ease your transition into homeschooling? I have 10 tips to help and encourage you on this great journey. Make sure you subscribe so you ...
Homeschool is HARD! | Brain Science Tips That Will Help Homeschool is Hard! Learn some practical Brain Science techniques that can help make homeschooling fun and enjoyable! Take Dani's FREE Brain ...
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Ten tips for controlling clutter, coordinating schedules, helping kids track homework, and more.
Tips for organizing your family home.
Tips for turning a stay-at-home vacation into a memorable break for the whole family.
Experience the power of the pipe cleaner with these tips and tricks.
I have agreed to become a guinea pig in Jon Le Tocq’s newest 12 week fitness program. Jon is the founder of www.StormForceFitness.com. Although I cannot divulge the specifics of the program, I will be giving updates on my progress or pain, whichever is most appropriate for the day. As part of a cardio test, today included a 5K which was absolutely awful for me. I am hardly an endurance athlete as most of my training has been sprinting over the last two years. I’m embarrased to say it took me 35:20 minutes to complete the endurance portion of the workout. Ugh! I am looking forward to a program being already written for me, rather than writing one myself. This is a perfect time to start a new 12 week program. Do you realize it’s only 12 weeks until the official revealing, Memorial Day? That is usually the first time the shorts and tank tops come out. Will you be ready? My 12 week nutrition course started today and there are some women on board. They will learn so much during the next 12 weeks. They will never again fall victim to the commercial hype and weight loss scams. If you missed this session, don’t despair, I will host another one soon. My husband has been gone for a week and we still have two more weeks remaining before he returns from his special training for work. It has been rough, but we are pretty busy everyday and it helps the time go quickly. I will be happy when he returns. The day he gets back, we are driving over to South Bend to attend a homeschool convention. This year we are attending two after not attending any for the past 2 years. I really need a pick me up. I am fast approaching the last year of high school for my oldest and college is suddenly looming ahead. I don’t know where the time went, but it sure snuck up on me fast. Any tips and suggestions for preparing for that is appreciated. We are attending a seminar at one of the conventions that details getting a B.A. in less than two years for $5,000. I’m looking forward to that one! Post from: Homeschool Fitness Coach
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