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Learn these dance steps from the pictures and directions, then practice the simple dances. Online in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.
FamilyLife, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, provides practical, biblical tools to strengthen marriage and family relationships, including the ...
Fundamental Baptist, King James Bible Friendly Books, Home Schooling and Music
Home Education allows for more individual learning styles. Families are free to spend more time together while learning together. Learning is a life-long process and should be pleasureable. Resources and newsletter.
If you have homeschooled your kids before, then you will understand how anxious you are when you begin the session. You try to come up with many ...
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JHBonus: How to Overcome a Bad Homeschool Day I remember years ago when we had the WORST first day of school ever. Since then bad days have come and gone, but how we overcome them have remained ...
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Y’all!! I absolutely love this mama! This pregnant mom can dance! Seriously, she can get down, literally (and you will see what I mean in a minute). I’m pretty sure she is way more agile than I am and I’m not nine months pregnant! My youngest son is 14 years old. Back then we were […]The post This Pregnant Mom Can Dance! appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
If God is loving, why does He allow pain and suffering in our lives? Can He truly be good, even in dark circumstances?Jesus' death on the cross guaranteed heaven for us in the next life. Then, there will be no more struggles, no more heartache, no more tears.But what about in the meantime? What good is God to us in this life? What is He up to in our lives right now – especially if He doesn't appear to be up to anything at all?The post God's “In-Between” Story for You and for Me appeared first on Jim Daly.
If you're a parent, you may feel like you've got everything under control most days. But every now and then, something unexpected happens and nothing goes right with your kids. If that's been your experience, we've got some great encouragement for you today on the Focus on the Family Broadcast.That sense of frustration and of wondering, “What do we do now?” is something Jean and I have experienced many times with our boys.Parenting is filled with surprises for most of us, and it's often a lot harder than we expected.The post How to be Intentional and Flexible in Your Parenting appeared first on Jim Daly.
Watu Wote joins other films attempting what African sermons cannot.Two years ago, the heroic actions of some Kenyan Muslims brought their majority-Christian nation together. The Oscar-nominated film depiction of that heroism may do so again—if many people watch.Watu Wote is a fictional retelling of real-life horror. In December 2015, al-Shabaab terrorists stormed a bus headed toward the border with Somalia and demanded Christian passengers separate for targeted execution. Muslim passengers responded, “If you want to kill us, then kill us. There are no Christians here.” The Christian women were given hijabs to wear, while the Christian men were hidden behind bags.They knew the danger. One year earlier in a similar bus attack, Muslim militants killed 28 Christians who failed to correctly say the Islamic creed.Filmed on location in Swahili and Somali, the 22-minute film was nominated for the Live Action Short Film category at the 90th Academy Awards.“The film captures an issue close to Kenyan hearts, that apart from religious differences, we are all Kenyan,” said Timothy Ranji, bishop of the Anglican diocese of Mt. Kenya South. “The downside is that it will be watched by very few Kenyans.”Access to film is limited in Kenya. The nation ranks 77th worldwide in terms of cinemas per capita, according to UN data. Radio is a far more effective means of communication in the East African nation, Ranji said.And some, like William Black, may choose not to watch it. “The movie tells a good story, I’m sure,” said the American Orthodox missionary and professor at St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. “But it hits too close to home.”Black believes that terrorists want to push Kenya to the tipping point. “The narrow focus ...Continue reading...
My son is behind at public school. We want to pull him out of public school and home school to catch up and then send him back. He is in the fourth grade,
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