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Combination of fee-based and free grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and writing exercises and tests subdivided by level. Quick-reference area for basic words list, fables and idioms.
Award-winning MobyMax helps struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and closes learning gaps for all your students. Find and fix missing skills with personalized learning, pinpoint assessments, and motivating rewards.
Action Phonics helps students who have fallen behind in their reading skills get ahead very quickly.
The Military Family Network is a website providing quick and easy access to comprehensive community and business information and resources for members of ...
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Homeschool Update | September 2018 We had a great start to our 2018-2019 school year and I wanted to share a quick update on how our homeschool has been going since we started at the end of ...
A Quick Word To Homeschool Dads Wherever you turn, you find a new app or a brand new way to learn math has to be passed on to your child. In the middle of all the knowledge flying to and fro, ...
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Babe Ruth began his career as a baseball pitcher, but quickly became one of the most prolific hitters in the history of the sport. His sheer power earned him comparisons to Thor and Hercules and the awe-inspired appellations: the “Sultan of Swat,” the “Battering Bambino,” the “Mighty Mauler,” and the “Home Run King,” among others. Read more about Babe Ruth in our online guide and learn how to search for related articles in the Chronicling America: American Historic Newspapers digital collection (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/). Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @librarycongress #ChronAm!
Every student is different, including their learning capabilities. Some students can understand their lesson quickly, while some students need extra guidance to study effectively.
What the critics are saying about the mystical, whimsical "Magic in the Moonlight" and "Mood Indigo."Streaming PicksNew to Netflix this week is the crime drama Out of the Furnace. Our friends over at Indiewire wrote a great review of the film starring Christian Bale and Woody Harrelson—read it here.If you're looking for a show to start watching with your kids, but can't find anything good on TV, check out Amazon Prime's original live-action children's show. Annedroids "combines comedy, mystery and action in a low-key style," says The New York Times' Mike Hale, with young actors who are actually funny. Read Hale's full review here.Amazon Prime users can now instantly stream Annie Hall, Woody Allen's classic 1977 rom-com starring Diane Keaton and the director himself. It will make you homesick for New York City, even if you've never lived there.Netflix recently released The Saratov Approach, a self-proclaimed "inspirational true story." This film follows what happens to two missionaries in Russia who are abducted and held hostage.Critics RoundupMood Indigo "is quirky, but quickly runs out of steam," says Crosswalk's Christian Hamaker. He believes the film is more of a romance in the sense of a Wes Anderson film, and although this is not a bad thing, his approach "undercuts the emotional investment that should make us care deeply about Chloe's (Audrey Tatou) affliction." Variety's Boyd van Hoeij agrees that although the film is whimsical, it doesn't quite make the cut. "The film frequently privileges art direction over emotion and a constant sense of wonder based on visuals alone proves impossible to sustain." One of director Michael Gondry's (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Green Hornet) ...Continue reading...
Exactly a year ago, on August 13, 2009, I published a Virtual Homeschool Fraud Alert that you might remember reading. My reason for sharing this information was to hopefully minimize the amount of families who might fall victim to these companies and their deceptive tactics. Little did I know that so many of you would share this information with so many others -- including your homeschool support groups, state leadership, HSLDA, etc. I had only hoped that some families who were considering one of these companies might find and read the alert and still have time to preserve their limited budgets for homeschool curriculum resources for the year. At the time I first shared this information, I honestly thought it was mostly common knowledge. For years there have been complaints against Mimi Rothschild's companies. Whenever I read a forum where a newbie was asking advice about signing up for one of her "academies", someone quickly jumped in to point them to lengthy online discussions with multiple grievous complaints -- and warn them away. I honestly didn't realize how many thousands of families had no clue that anything was amiss with Mimi Rothschild and her companies. I was only really thinking about families who were just beginning to homeschool -- those who would not have been around long enough to have seen the dozens of testimonies of families who had been defrauded over the past few years... (Read full article for more)
This contest has ended. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm in love.Oh, with my husband and children, of course! But there is a new love in my life- by the name of Scentsy.Now, I am a candle kind of girl. I have them in every corner of my house, and I have many of them on display! I love all shapes, colors and scents of candles! But there are some things about Scentsy that are very, very different!First, you don't need to light anything to burn this candle! You are simply burning scented wax over a light bulb! Therefore, there is no smoke, no harmful chemicals, no worries over fires from spills... they are simply low maintenance! They are leadless, wickless, flameless and smokeless!Another thing I really love about Scentsy is the fact that their products quickly fill my entire home with fragrance, yet they are not at all overpowering! They emit a subtle, yet definite scent. The bulb that is included in their warmers can be replaced at an everyday hardware store!Take a look at Kara Egan's (Scentsy Founder and Superstar Director) website! You will fall in love with their burners! The scents are absolutely heavenly. I wish you could smell them through the website!Trust me, readers. You really want to win this giveaway!Kara is offering to one lucky winner an August warmer of the month, entitled "Surfs Up," along with a 3 pack of bars including the new scent of the month, "Tangerine Tango" and two others!To enter this giveaway...To enter, please do any or all of the following (please leave separate comments for each, so you can enter multiple times!):1. Comment below, with your email address, and tell me if you've tried Scentsy before!2. Visit Kara Egan's Scentsy site by clicking HERE, and leave a comment telling me which burner is your fave!3. Subscribe to this blog (enter your email address in upper right corner), and comment that you do.4. Follow this blog (in right hand column), and comment that you do.5. Become a fan of this blog on Facebook by clicking HERE, and comment that you do.6. Email this contest out to your friends, and copy me on it at vaagen@bellsouth.net7. Follow me on Twitter (vaagen) and ReTweet this contest on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vaagen/statuses/2765898678. Comment below that you did.8. Favorite this blog on Technorati by clicking HEREThe winner will be chosen by random drawing on http://www.random.org/integers/ on Saturday, August 1st at 6pm. Good luck! Thank you for coming to Mingle Over Mocha with Anna!
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