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A non-religious, non-profit, private school registered with the Florida Department of Education allowing parents to teach their children at home. ACEA is open year round to students in grades K-12.
A place where children can engage and participate with the built environment. Offer various building projects and information about architecture.
Products to partner with you in homeschooling your children.
Striving to be a part of your educational process, as you journey from young child to young adult, from beginning teacher to accomplished educator, and from new parent to experienced caregiver or homeschool provider.
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PART ONE!! Q&A HOMESCHOOL THEN AND NOW! From homeschooling my children then to homeschooling my granddaughter now! You asked some questions and now I am answering them in this Q&A. Stop on ...
Alex's Homeschool Grad Video 2018 as shown as part of her graduation ceremony.
THE UNCENSORED REASONS WE CONTINUE TO HOMESCHOOL||PART 2 Todays video is one very near and dear to my heart. The highly requested PART 2 to the Part 1 of this video. I am sharing why I continue to homeschool my kids.
Why We Don't Do Homeschool Co-ps When conversing with other homeschoolers, the question is asked at least once: What co-op are you a part of? Here's why co-ops haven't worked for our family ...
Lapeer Homeschool Partnership: Parent Testimonial Lapeer Homeschool Partnership: Parent Testimonial MiHomeschoolPartnership.org.
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Today at Chronicling America, we’re celebrating the start of Summer with articles talking about options for a #VintageVacation from our historical newspapers, selected and tweeted by institutions participating in the National Digital Newspaper Program. Join us today and share your own discoveries! Follow us every 3rd Tuesday of the month on Twitter for a #ChronAmParty!
The controversy at the southern border continues to churn. Like many of you, I've been following its many twists and turns, straining to gather reliable information and, at times, struggling to separate the fact from the fiction. There is a lot of bad and biased information out there. To be sure, emotions are running high on both sides, a consequence of the very real human concern and the highly partisan nature of our times.As I've previously indicated, separating children from their parents can be harmful and traumatic.The post Thoughts on the Border Crisis appeared first on Jim Daly.
Local educators across the nation have been selected from a pool of more than 300 applicants to participate in the Library of Congress’ Summer Teacher Institute, part of the Teaching with Primary Sources program. The institute will run from June 18 to August 3.Click here for more information.
Technology is wiring our children's brains to believe five fundamental lies:I'm the center of the universe.I deserve to be happy all the time.I must have choices.I'm my own authority.I don't need other people.What's technology's part? Eighty percent of a child's ability to interact with the world around him develops after the child is born. Until about age 25, neurons in a child's brain are connected through repetition, through the things the child does frequently.The post Effective Parenting in a World of Technology appeared first on Jim Daly.
Apotex Corp. is voluntarily recalling one (1) lot of Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray, USP, 50 mcg per spray, 120 Metered Sprays, to the consumer level. The Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray USP 50 mcg per spray 120 Metered Sprays has been found to contain small glass particles. The glass particles could block the actuator and impact the functionality of the pump. The issue was discovered through a customer complaint.
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