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A complete reporting, record keeping, tracking and planning software system for Microsoft Windows to organize your lesson plans, assignments and reports for Windows, including planning and recording assignments, reading lists, field trip reports, attendan
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Free resources for parents and teachers to help children master spelling concepts. Lesson plans, free printable spelling lists, teaching tips, and remedial help.
Instructional math help video lessons online and on CD.
Cyberspace Ministry offers illustrated Bible lessons online, as well as free Christian software.
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Homeschool Lesson Plan Ideas | The Emancipation Proclamation | Weeks 5 & 6 Homeschool Lesson Plan Ideas for Early Elementary 2018 ! Let's travel back in time together as we begin Week 5 and 6, where we focus on the Emancipation ...
End of the Year Curriculum Review Kindergarten Homeschool Year 2017 2018 In this video I am sharing our 2017 2018 end of the year homeschool curriculum review for kindergarten. Even though the year didn't go as I had originally ...
Pre Plan Your Homeschool Year I wanted to share a few tips on how I plan my homeschool year ahead of time. This allows me to skip writing lesson plans each week and gives me more peace ...
MY HOMESCHOOL LESSON PLANNER using PURPLETRAIL MOM PLANNER In this video, I will be showing you the PurpleTrail Mom Planner and how I will be using it to plan my 2018-2019 homeschool year! This planner is comparable to ...
Homeschool Unit Studies | The Civil War Begins | North vs. South | Week 3 Homeschool Unit Studies | The Civil War Begins | North vs. South Week 3 Let's travel back in time together as we begin Week 3 (Lessons 9-12) where we ...
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When's the last time you read a news story with a happy ending?After all, as a general rule of thumb, it's the noise that makes news.It's human nature.Maybe it's because bad news makes us feel better about ourselves. Our lives could be worse – just look at that sad and sordid story.But then there's Heard County High School in Franklin, Georgia, population 993.In a nod to tradition, seniors in the high school there regularly try and pull off a prank this time of year.The post Veterans Teach Vandals a Valuable Lesson appeared first on Jim Daly.
Every student is different, including their learning capabilities. Some students can understand their lesson quickly, while some students need extra guidance to study effectively.
Find a tutor to homeschool your child or assist with extra lessons in South Africa.
Ratuki-logo-large If you’ve been a follower of my blog for very long, you know I am a BIG fan of games!!! Be sure to check all my current giveaways! There are 3 different games up for GIVEAWAY right now!! One for children (seen below in the Gamewright Review) and two for adults- Ratuki and Zip, both created by GaZima Games!!This is a review about one of my newest favorites- RATUKI!Ratuki_3dbt_print Ratuki is “The fast flippin', quick grabbin' card game!”My family is a busy family. Just to give you a glimpse into our lives, I’ll throw out these words that describe our weekly schedules-Husband that works constantly, homeschooling 4 kids, karate 3-4 days a week, real estate business, blog review business, music lessons for 3 children, field trips, homeschool group obligations, and… when I can… cleaning my house.So… When we finally all sit down together to play a game, it certainly can’t be a long one. This is one of the MANY reasons we love Ratuki!Ratuki_flatbb_print Ratuki is a super-fast, and super-fun card game, which is for 2-5 players, ages 7 and up!The object of Ratuki:In Ratuki™(ra-TOO-kee), everyone races to get rid of their cards and collect the most points by completing runs of five and shouting "Ratuki!" First player to 100 wins.Ratuki%20Cards_pr The cards are eye-catching in their many colors and designs! It makes you think fast, and move even faster! Even when I am watching others play it, it is so much fun!It is well-packaged in a small square box, so it is very easy to store, or pack for travelling!Would you love to win your own copy of Ratuki?Here’s how to enter to win!Visit the Barnes and Noble site by clicking HERE and tell me why you would love to own a copy of Ratuki! Be sure to check out the ratings while you’re there- it is one of the few games on the site that has the highest customer rating possible!Gain an extra entry by joining the GaZima Games mailing list by clicking HEREGain additional entries for each of the following:retweeting this contest: http://twitter.com/vaagen/statuses/3492136898 following this blogsubscribing to this blog in emailgrabbing my blog button and placing it on your sitefollowing this blog on Facebookrating this blog on TechnoratiThis contest will end on Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 6pm! Good luck!!Thank you for coming to Mingle Over Mocha with Anna!
US Constitution Day lesson plans, websites, and activities
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