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This site is an inclusive internet-based group created to forge an atmosphere of comraderie among local homeschoolers.
Charlotte Mason taught in traditional schools, but her methods translate beautifully into homeschooling and are popular among among homeschoolers. ...
Computer articles for homeschooling.
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My name is Gage, I am 17 years old, and recently I went on a trip with my mom and both my brothers to Florence, Alabama. Florence is a city I had never heard of until I was told I was going on a trip there! We have traveled near this city multiple times on […]The post Escape Rooms Are Great for Homeschoolers appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Larry and Susan Kaseman are retiring from their Wisconsin Parents Association staff positions. Below is only part of their letter: Susan and I have had a long and rewarding experience serving WPA, Susan as Senior Program Specialist and I as Executive Director. It's been 32 years, and we find ourselves in our early 70's and wanting to spend more time with our grandchildren, do more gardening, take more photographs, and do more reading and writing. We will undoubtedly become involved in other projects. We will also see many of you at the WPA conference in May. Over the past two years, we have worked with the WPA Board to ensure a successful transfer of the WPA work we have been doing to others. We are pleased to say that this effort has been fruitful. Two very strong, capable, and committed women who are long-time and currently active homeschoolers and WPA supporters, will be doing the work that Susan and I have been doing. Beginning January 1, 2016, Pamela Roland will be WPA's President and Jen Lynch will be WPA's Executive Director. Pamela and Jen have worked very well with Susan and me in making this transition. It's also a good feeling to be leaving when WPA is on solid ground. Over the past two years, WPA membership has grown, the conference has increased to over 800 attendees, donations are up, and more homeschoolers are sharing their time and talents with WPA. We expect these increases to continue as homeschoolers continue to support WPA as the committed Wisconsin homeschoolers that we are.It's a testament to the strength of homeschoolers and WPA that this transition of work has not been done in haste, is working so smoothly, and that WPA work will continue to be done with a level of moral and ethical commitment to the principles WPA has established over the years. This feels very good to Susan and me, and our thanks go to Pamela and Jen.And thank you to all the homeschoolers who have supported WPA and Susan and me over the past 32 years. WPA is a grassroots organization and your commitments to your families, to homeschooling, and to WPA have given us strength, energy, and joy.Sincerely,Larry and Susan Kaseman
A brief description plus contact details of various high school homeschool options for South African Homeschoolers, including internationally recognised certifications.
Things to do in Eastern Cape for South African homeschoolers.
Things to do in Kwazulu Natal for South African Homeschoolers
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