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providing curriculum, coaching, and encouragement for homeschooling all the way to high school graduation.
Homeschooling Book Fairs and/or Conventions can be quite large and overwhelming, especially to a first time homeschooler. Many people go with the intention ...
The Textbooks, Tools & Options to Help You Love Your Homeschooling Journey
Provides unit studies, games, forum, local resources, and a weekly newsletter.
Forest trail academy is a virtual school offering k12 online school education to the students of usa and worldwide.
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The Art of Asking Questions While Homeschooling This video describes how to ask questions when teaching homeschool. I was a public school educator and professor for 17 years. I am now a stay-at-home mom ...
The Cost of Homeschooling is Time Join Christy as she helps you find the time in your day to homeschool!
Homeschool Valentine's Fun Beach Day 2020 Homeschooling outside of the classroom. Fun Beach Day class at the Beach.
10 COMMONLY ASKED HOMESCHOOL QUESTIONS Today I am answering 10 commonly asked homeschool questions. We are going to tackle the tough questions like "How does a homeschooling mom have ...
Creating Positive Learning Environments from Challenging Homeschooling Situations Our special guest this week on SPED Homeschool Conversations was Cindy LaJoy, homeschool and adoptive mom & creator of Blue Collar Homeschool.
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Do you know people who are still concerned that homeschooled children aren’t well socialized? Who believe that homeschoolers don’t know how to get along with others, have friends, and deal with real life? I’m here to tell you that it just isn’t true! In fact, the truth is that many homeschooled students are extremely well […]The post Are You Worried About Homeschooling and Socialization? appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Is it possible to homeschool when Mom is sick? Homeschooling can sometimes be challenging! And when you’re sick, it can be especially hard! But there are ways to continue homeschooling even when you aren’t feeling your best. This article shares some suggestions for how to homeschool when Mom is sick. Why would you want […]The post How to Homeschool When Mom Is Sick appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Dear Homeschool Mom, Sometimes as we homeschool (or as we get prepared for the new homeschool year over the summer), we let our jobs as mothers and teachers (and chefs and housekeepers and chauffeurs…) stop us from spending time with our husbands and showing them that they are important to us and that we love […]The post Dear Homeschool Mom: How to Love Your Husband While Homeschooling appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Hi! I’m Wendy, and I’ve survived homeschooling teens! I have two adult homeschool graduates and am currently homeschooling my youngest child–my 17-year-old daughter. I’d like to talk with you today about 10 ways to show our teens we like them. Whether they admit it or not, our teens probably know that we love them, but […]The post 10 Ways to Show Our Teens We Like Them appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
Free Mid-Year Homeschool Transitioning Guide Number of stars: 5 out of 5. This ebook guides new homeschooling parents through the steps of transitioning a student from a traditional school into homeschooling mid-year. Experienced homeschoolers will also find this guide helpful when thinking about switching curriculum during the middle of the year. Download the PDF now […]The post DEAL ALERT: Free Mid-Year Homeschool Transitioning Guide appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
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