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Catherine Christiansen's article about going to school in your own home.
Central gathering place for Yolo County homeschooling resources, including support groups, park days, isps, charter schools, special events and ongoing activities.
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Homeschool Update: Week 20: Christmas Fun, Family Library Project & Balancing Homeschool So much going on! How do I balance and schedule homeschool during the busy Christmas season? LIVE CHATS now on FACEBOOK: ...
Real Life with 2 Boys | DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas | Homeschool Preschool Poor Ash is still sick (will do an update video on what exactly is going on with him soon....make sure you are subscribed!) I talk about how much I love The Good ...
Going Outside of the Box with Master Books Homeschool Curriculum BRING CREATIVITY & INNOVATION INTO YOUR HOMESCHOOL Your homeschool student may need you to incorporate something different into their ...
Not The Best Year...  ||  Homeschool Update It has been a while since I've caught you up on what is going on with our homeschool. It has been a ... weird year so far. I am sharing all about it in this video.
Homeschool Update: Week 18: Back to the Basics, Family Library & Christmas Homeschool Plans Join me as I update you guys on getting back to basic academics, our plans for a family library & how our Christmas homeschool plans are going!
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This will be the final bulletin to the “What’s New in Science, Technology and Business” email and RSS feed. Launched in 2013, this feed was one of the first bulletin services from the Library of Congress to be made available via RSS and email subscription. We are very grateful to our followers and happy we were able to share with you news and information on science, technology and business through the years.But don’t worry – you can still get the same great information via our “Inside Adams” blog, written by the Library staff serving patrons from our Science, Technology and Business reading room, located on the fifth floor of the Library’s John Adams Building--“inside Adams,” get it?You may subscribe to the “Inside Adams” blog feed by going to this URL and subscribing under “Blogs”: https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/USLOC/subscriber/new?topic_id=USLOC_77You can also point to the RSS feed for the blog at this URL: https://blogs.loc.gov/inside_adams/feed/Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to seeing you on “Inside Adams.”
You can manage your asthma by taking medications approved by the FDA. Before going to the pharmacy, get a proper diagnosis from a doctor and together develop an asthma action plan.
Our family loves read alouds. We truly enjoy reading together. We don’t just read before bed but we also love good read aloud books during school or for fun. This fall/winter we are deciding what we are going to add to our read aloud list. A designated daily reading time can provide an engaged and […]
With an immuno-suppressed child, our family is constantly aware of the fragility of the human immune system. It doesn’t take much to shut it down – stress, sugar, poor sleep, poor diet – and we strive to keep it going. If you’re taking care of yourself properly, these herbal remedies will help give your immune […]
In his new HBO show 'Crashing,' the former evangelical winks to Christian fans.If Pete Holmes’s HBO series Crashing is his love letter to comedy, the church at least gets a tender PS.Inspired by Holmes’s life and evangelical background, the show follows a nice Christian guy who’s trying to make it in standup after his divorce leaves him dumbstruck and homeless. Episode to episode, his character crashes with Sarah Silverman, Artie Lange, T. J. Miller, and other comics he meets while grappling with the brutal New York comedy scene and his quarter-life crisis.Fans will not be surprised that Holmes’s series, complete with tracks from Joel Osteen sermons and Jars of Clay CDs, puts faith at the forefront. Even though he’s no longer an evangelical, he can’t resist talking about God. Religion constantly comes up in his popular podcast, You Made It Weird. On Crashing—which he produces with Judd Apatow—the TV version of Holmes makes for a likeably, laughably naïve protagonist; he stands by his clean comedy, owns up to being a “God guy,” and explains to his new buddies why he and his ex waited to have sex until marriage.These days, Holmes, 38, draws inspiration from contemplative Catholic Richard Rohr, spiritualist Ram Dass, and pastor Rob Bell, now one of his best friends. The two go on tour together, and Bell prompted Holmes’s newest project: a book about God.While his churchgoing days may be behind him, the Los Angeles comic considers himself “a Christ-leaning spiritual seeker” who finds new meaning in the Christian vocabulary and stories with which he was raised. CT online editor Kate Shellnutt talked to Holmes about his new show and the intersection between his faith and his comedy.Continue reading...
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