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Catherine Christiansen's article about going to school in your own home.
Central gathering place for Yolo County homeschooling resources, including support groups, park days, isps, charter schools, special events and ongoing activities.
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Virtual Homeschool Collab August 2018 - Why We Homeschool This is my response to Assignment #1 for Virtual Homeschool Collab, "Why Do You Homeschool?"
Phoenix Zoo: A Homeschool Field Trip (2018) We love going to the Phoenix Zoo! The Zoo is a perfect place for children to learn about a wide variety of things! From the animals themselves to what they eat ...
Quick Homeschool Update Just when you thought our homeschool week couldn't get any more complicated....
Minimalist Homeschool Curriculum 2018-2019 I'm starting the school year talking about our homeschool curriculum and ways I'm keeping it simple. All books mentioned in the video are linked below and on ...
Homeschool Room Tour 2018-2019 Here is a tour of my homeschool room for the 2018-2019 school year. I will be going into more detail on some of the areas of my room, so stay tuned! Let me ...
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With an immuno-suppressed child, our family is constantly aware of the fragility of the human immune system. Â It doesn’t take much to shut it down – stress, sugar, poor sleep, poor diet – and we strive to keep it going. Â If you’re taking care of yourself properly, these herbal remedies will help give your immune […]
There are 150 million orphans in the world.Every six seconds a child dies because they don't have access to food or water.What are you going to do about it?That's a daunting question, isn't it? The scale of poverty in the world is so overwhelming that we feel paralyzed … and do nothing.Chris Marlow is a former pastor who founded the organization Help One Now, a ministry that helps local leaders care for orphans and vulnerable families and works to break the cycle of extreme poverty in places like Haiti, Peru, and Africa.The post Changing the World Through a Lemonade Stand appeared first on Jim Daly.
In his new HBO show 'Crashing,' the former evangelical winks to Christian fans.If Pete Holmes’s HBO series Crashing is his love letter to comedy, the church at least gets a tender PS.Inspired by Holmes’s life and evangelical background, the show follows a nice Christian guy who’s trying to make it in standup after his divorce leaves him dumbstruck and homeless. Episode to episode, his character crashes with Sarah Silverman, Artie Lange, T. J. Miller, and other comics he meets while grappling with the brutal New York comedy scene and his quarter-life crisis.Fans will not be surprised that Holmes’s series, complete with tracks from Joel Osteen sermons and Jars of Clay CDs, puts faith at the forefront. Even though he’s no longer an evangelical, he can’t resist talking about God. Religion constantly comes up in his popular podcast, You Made It Weird. On Crashing—which he produces with Judd Apatow—the TV version of Holmes makes for a likeably, laughably naïve protagonist; he stands by his clean comedy, owns up to being a “God guy,” and explains to his new buddies why he and his ex waited to have sex until marriage.These days, Holmes, 38, draws inspiration from contemplative Catholic Richard Rohr, spiritualist Ram Dass, and pastor Rob Bell, now one of his best friends. The two go on tour together, and Bell prompted Holmes’s newest project: a book about God.While his churchgoing days may be behind him, the Los Angeles comic considers himself “a Christ-leaning spiritual seeker” who finds new meaning in the Christian vocabulary and stories with which he was raised. CT online editor Kate Shellnutt talked to Holmes about his new show and the intersection between his faith and his comedy.Continue reading...
Near-death experiences make for popular books and movies. But what should Christians do with them?Don Piper’s story, now made visible in the movie 90 Minutes in Heaven (out this weekend), records his experience of “dying” as a result of a head-on car crash and experiencing some moments (90 minutes of them) of glorious encounter with “heaven” where God, a suffusing and overwhelming light, resided in the middle of the heavenly city.In that near death experience (NDE), Piper saw and heard the voice of many of his fellow Christians as they were journeying toward the gate of heaven—but he never entered. A fellow pastor was praying for his recovery at the crash scene, and he found himself singing along with the pastor, back on earth.The slow-developing movie focuses far more on the pain both Piper (Hayden Christensen) experienced and his family, especially his wife (Kate Bosworth), endured as he lay in hospital beds for months—suffocating with a desire to return to heaven and unwilling to communicate either about his NDE or what was happening in his soul. The slowness of the scenes accentuates the slowness of his recovery. But recover he did, to find a purpose in life—to tell people that heaven is real and that prayer really works.Piper’s story is encouraging, and surely in the top two or three of hundreds of NDE stories I have read.I do not disbelieve Don Piper’s story. He seems credible, and his experience is far from unusual. Mally Cox-Chapman, a skilled journalist, read and interviewed and tracked down one story after another. In her book The Case for Heaven: Near-Death Experiences as Evidence of the Afterlife, we read the fairly common pattern of near-death experiences: Feelings of peace and quiet Feeling oneself out of the body Going through a dark tunnelContinue reading...
In my opinion, homeschooling is a good option for those kids who are physically or mentally challenged and they have difficulty coping up with other class fellows and feel left behind others. Otherwise I think the kids facing bullies should not be home schooled for a long time on this basis, rather this situation should be handled in a different way by talking to the school management or changing the kids school, not by isolating them from the society because in future they have to face the society and it is better if they learn now how to cope up with such situations. If children are home-schooled on this perception that the parents are protecting them from the negative environment, then they should think for how long can they protect them from the evils of society? Someday their kids are going to have to encounter people and face the outer world.
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