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Homeschooling Book Fairs and/or Conventions can be quite large and overwhelming, especially to a first time homeschooler. Many people go with the intention ...
... family oriented activity, that provides for child-parent bonding, team work and ... The Kids First Soccer site is a
Information page for this inclusive Douglas county support group, including field trips, play days, a KONOS club, and parent support.
How to begin homeschooling, legislative information, and a listing of the first state's support groups.
Online homeschool providing a complete K-12 education.
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First Grade End of the Year Homeschool Review We are finishing up another homeschool year! John, my 1st grader, has made HUGE improvements this year. He went from being diagnosed with an auditory ...
Homeschool Storytime 4: reading the journal from my first month Homeschooling was the scariest thing I have ever decided to do. This video shows me dealing with those fears.
Are first homeschool Field trip😺😺 So today we are at the fish hatchery I hope you enjoyed today's video it was so much fun comment down below what is your favorite fish.
Homeschool Curriculum Choices and Review - 3rd & 1st Grade Here's our homeschool curriculum choice and review for first and third grade. Full list of curriculum here: https://kit.com/heathertorres Download my FREE 10 ...
Homeschool Tiny House Build Highlights Week 1 Here is our first highlights video!! We will be aiming to do one highlights video a week as well as in depth videos and behind the scenes of what being a ...
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The controversy at the southern border continues to churn. Like many of you, I've been following its many twists and turns, straining to gather reliable information and, at times, struggling to separate the fact from the fiction. There is a lot of bad and biased information out there. To be sure, emotions are running high on both sides, a consequence of the very real human concern and the highly partisan nature of our times.As I've previously indicated, separating children from their parents can be harmful and traumatic.The post Thoughts on the Border Crisis appeared first on Jim Daly.
Why are we so easily offended?That's even a problem for Christians who believe in the fruit of the Spirit. Why do we get so upset about the guy that cuts us off on the highway? Why are we so easily irritated when something doesn't go our way, or when we feel like we're not getting what we deserve? And why do we deserve something in the first place?There are different levels of anger. Sometimes it's the result of feeling threatened.The post Letting Go of Offenses appeared first on Jim Daly.
Why do kids misbehave?Dr. Kevin Leman offers these 3 reasons:Attention-gettingPowerRevengeHe says the strong-willed child has been given a bad rap. We want our kids to be strong-willed. When the world tells them, “Do everything we do,” we want our son or daughter to know right from wrong and to have the conviction to stand for it.What you don't want, Dr. Leman says, is the “powerful child.” They have an agenda.The post How Parents Can Get Back Their Power from a Child Who's in Control appeared first on Jim Daly.
My dad had a bad habit of breaking his promises. So when I was 11, and our trip to a Dodgers baseball game almost fell through, I thought for sure it would be just one more disappointment in a long line of them.We were running late that day, and we just barely missed the bus to the stadium. Honestly, I figured my dad would do what he had always done in circumstances like that: offer a weak apology and take us home.The post Miracles on the Baseball Diamond appeared first on Jim Daly.
By: Joe Battaglia Whether we like it or not, all fathers are teachers.Some are absent.Some are reluctant.But children will learn SOMETHING from their dad.Even if it's nothing.The question is what do we want them to learn, and from whom?I became acutely aware of this scenario in a rather strange way—by shopping with my daughter when she was about 13-14 years old.While we were at a mall, my daughter asked to go into a very hip, fashionable store for teens to buy a shirt.The post Guest Blog: The Power of a Father appeared first on Jim Daly.
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