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... family oriented activity, that provides for child-parent bonding, team work and ... The Kids First Soccer site is a
The American Family Association exists to motivate and equip citizens to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth and traditional family values.
Homesteading, farming, cheesemaking, soapmaking, medicinal herbs, the civil war, bees, and simple living information from the Blubaugh family.
The kids really like these apples served warm. A scoop of fresh whipped cream
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What we are Using for Homeschool Curriculum 2018-2019 Our 2018 Curriculum Reveal is FINALLY here! Find out what homeschool curriculum we are using for our family of 5 kids PLUS how our homeschool day is ...
Why We Don't Do Homeschool Co-ps When conversing with other homeschoolers, the question is asked at least once: What co-op are you a part of? Here's why co-ops haven't worked for our family ...
Our Large Family Homeschool Organization and Storage Solutions! Hi guys! Welcome to The Minivan Voorsts! We're a young, large, homeschooling family, systematically taking over the world one one newborn at a time.
Day in the Life of a Homeschool Co op Today we bring you with us and into each class at our homeschool co-op in Tampa Bay Area. Welcome to our Channel! We are a homeschooling family of 5 set ...
Summer 2018 Family Bucket List // Homeschool Family Hi friends! I thought it would be fun to share my family's 2018 summer bucket list. Here it is: 1. Create fairy gardens - Our kit came from ALDI. 2.Butterfly Garden ...
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Kristen Schell discovered the value of community on a summer immersion program in France. She was a stranger in a foreign land, but she had rarely felt so welcomed, loved, and connected – and she didn't even understand the language.In a many European countries like France, community takes place around the table. Family and friends join together to celebrate food, life, and each other.That perspective on life came back to her years later while she and a neighbor were preparing for a backyard barbecue.The post How to Open Your Home and Heart to Your Neighborhood appeared first on Jim Daly.
Week Ending 6-5-18Breaking Up with Perfect (by Amy Carroll)I’ll Push You (by Patrick Gray & Justin Skeesuck)Through the Eyes of a Lion (by Levi Lusko)The Read-Aloud Family (by Sarah MacKenzie)Don’t Go to Bed Angry (by Deb DeArmond & Ronald DeArmond)The Birth Order Book (by Dr. Kevin Leman)Our Newlywed Kitchen (by Laura Schupp)A Family Shaped by Grace (by Gary Morland)The Graduate Survival Guide (by Anthony ONeal & Rachel Cruze)Faith, Hope, Love, and Deployment (by Heather Gray)Raising Kingdom Kids (by Tony Evans)Love & Respect (by Emerson Eggerichs)A Lifelong Love (by Gary Thomas)The Focus on the Family Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex (by J.The post Focus on the Family Best Seller List appeared first on Jim Daly.
Have you ever felt lonely?Have you ever felt abandoned?Have you ever felt like it wouldn't matter to anyone if you lived or died?That's how well-known author and speaker Josh McDowell felt when he was just 11 years old. His father, the “town drunk,” was abusive to his wife and created such havoc for the family that Josh became suicidal. He felt God had abandoned him – if God existed at all, that is.The post Josh McDowell: From Suicidal to Salvation appeared first on Jim Daly.
Week ending May 29th:The Graduate Survival Guide (by Anthony ONeal & Rachel Cruze)Through the Eyes of a Lion (by Levi Lusko)The Birth Order Book (by Dr. Kevin Leman)A Family Shaped by Grace (by Gary Morland)Our Newlywed Kitchen (by Laura Schupp)ESV Economy BibleRaising Kingdom Kids (by Tony Evans)Swipe Right (by Levi Lusko)Kingdom Marriage (by Tony Evans)Grace Based Discipline (by Karis Kimmel Murray)Faith, Hope, Love, and Deployment (by Heather Gray)The Antelope in the Living Room (by Melanie Shankle)A Lifelong Love (by Gary Thomas)Ready to Wed: 12 Ways to Start a Marriage You’ll Love (by Dr.The post Focus on the Family Best Seller List appeared first on Jim Daly.
Dear Ireland:As the son of an Irish father and as the president of America's largest Christian family ministry, I write this letter with a heavy heart.Based on the snapshots of your jubilant and celebrating citizens that American media outlets are currently publicizing, one might think congratulations are in order.But they would be wrong.In fact, rather than offering my compliments for a victory, I am offering my deepest condolences.Last week's landslide vote to overturn your country's abortion prohibition marks the tragic beginning of a culture of death for the Emerald Isle. The post An Open Letter to the People of Ireland appeared first on Jim Daly.
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