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Offering the following standardized tests: CTBS, TerraNova, TCS, CAT5, and intelligence testing for the homeschooling community. Free practice tests for all grades can be requested with a test order where available. Includes a page of North Carolina requi
BellaOnline is an encouraging, supportive publishing community for women.
CHEA seeks to promote better communication, support, fellowship, and unity among the many area support groups.
Discount homeschool curriculum and educational materials.
We believe that every child is uniquely and wonderfully made and that parents can be the best teachers for their children.
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Racism is a problem in America.That much is obvious. What isn't so obvious is what to do about it. Nothing society has dreamed up has eradicated it. In fact, one could argue that certain movements seeking positive change have deepened the cultural divide rather than bridged it.Inadvertently or intentionally, the underlying cultural message has often been “choose your side.” Stand against the black community or stand for the black community. Stand against the white community or stand for the white community.The post Seeing God's Image in All Men appeared first on Jim Daly.
What if there was a way to jump start your student’s college degree, even during the high school years? What if a college degree could be earned along side your high school courses? CLEP and DSST exams provide exactly that opportunity. College credit is available to the high school student. There are many advantages to pursuing CLEP courses during high school. Many course are available that contain material your high school student already knows, thereby reducing the time on campus, lightening the college work load, reducing the cost of tuition, and saving time that can be used for work and ministry. Many students can finish High School with their college core degree requirements completed. Some students can even finish an associates or bachelors degree during their high school years. Starting on the journey of CLEP for High School can be intimidating. Here is a step by step plan:1. Pray. Make sure this is the path the Lord has for you. 2. Make sure your spouse is on board with a different approach to High School. 3. Check your state homeschooling laws. Many states have mandated curriculum while others provide more flexibility. Keep your state regulations in mind as you plan. 4. Acquire a government issued photo ID for your student. Don’t wait on this one as some federal regulations have increased the wait time for such identification. This, along with a Social Security number, is required to take a CLEP or DSST exam. 5. Consider going for a complete degree using credit by examination. Visit TESC's website and let your kids dream about possible degrees, starting with Associates degrees. This dreaming can give you insight into where the Lord may be leading your student.6. If your student has a particular college in mind, contact them and ask how many CLEP courses they accept, which ones and what score they require. Colleges differ as to which CLEP courses they accept and how many.7. Get copies of CLEP Official Study Guide 2010 and Cracking the CLEP, 5th Edition (College Test Preparation). There is nothing like having practice tests in your hands. These books have one of each of the possible CLEP exams and will be used later for practice tests.8. Determine interest. What areas interest your student? CLEP courses are available in 34 subject areas. Scan thru the possible CLEP courses on this site for courses your kids may be ready for already (or could be in a few weeks) or courses that interest them. 9. Consider putting aside ideas about covering multiple subjects at once. We go faster with only one or two courses at a time.10. Use the TESC website degree descriptions to build a template for the possible degree your student is interested it. Remember that you can customize your degree but you don't have to have the full plan to get started.11. Choose a course, or two. Confirm that the textbook or class your student is taking matches the CLEP exam content. Always refer to the exam description found at College Board.12. Search for a testing center near you. They can be found using the search at College Board. Try the nearby university or community college.Study. Take practice tests. Review. Make appointment. Take CLEP test.Post any questions. We’re here to help.
Joanne discusses homeschooling, getting your children into college, setting up a dual credit program with your community college, the Andrea Yates situation, and the Homeschool Honor Society Eta Sigma Alpha.
To all our friends and everyone considering homeschooling in Orange County, California: This month's Exploring Homeschooling™ Orange County is a special introduction to homeschooling by Susan Beatty, founder of the Christian Home Educators Association of California.  Today, Susan is a leader in the homeschool movement, but at one time she started too.  Come learn for yourself or to introduce a friend to the how and why of private Biblical homeschooling.  You will learn: Susan Beatty of Christian Home Educators Association of California What types of homeschooling options are available and which ones are the best for you.   Different homeschooling teaching approaches, what they are, the pros and cons of each, and how they can be used in your family.   A courses of study - what it is and how to develop one.   How to set up your records so that you are compliant with state requirements or regulations.   Some of the special things that you can do that other educational choices will not offer.   The unexpected blessings to your family that come through private Biblical homeschooling. Susan will share from a wealth of experience, having homeschooled her own children and helped thousands of others learn about and succeed in homeschooling their own children. Susan and her husband Larry began CHEA of California and started homeschooling their three children in 1982.  In addition, Susan ran an Independent Study Program from 1985 to 1998.  She even found time to write An Introduction to Home Education manual. Susan and Larry have graduated all three children, the last child in 1998, and Susan has continued to be an integral part of CHEA, currently are as a member of the board of directors, general manager, and events manager. Susan writes and speaks at workshops and conventions on home education, annual national leadership conferences on homeschooling, and is a founding board member of The National Alliance for Christian Home Education Leadership. As a spokesperson for the home education community, Susan is interviewed for radio, television, and newspapers. Susan is a professional writer/journalist with a BA degree (1971) from Cal State University Los Angeles and a graduate of CLASS (Christian Leaders and Speakers Seminars). If you are considering homeschooling, starting out, or just curious, this informative free seminar will be a true blessing.  Get all the details here.  
Are your kids on MySpace or Facebook?  Then they may be facing the same dangers that they might in public school.   According to the New York Times and Washington Post, MySpace has deleted 29,000 registered sexual predators from its membership and Facebook is not far behind... and those are just the sexual predators that they found out about! The good news is that there is a full featured, parent driven social networking site on the way just for Christian homeschoolers.  I can't divulge too much right now as the project is still in development, but the principals are interested in finding likeminded Christian homeschoolers as investors and ministry partners for this new online community. If you are interested in becoming an investor or ministry partner in this ground floor opportunity, please email homeschoolspace@gmail.com.
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