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Find a Home School Materials Display in your area ... Home School Mom And Son. Excellence in Education from a Christian Perspective. New and Revised Items ...
A Christian School - A Home Bible Study Group where one can learn the teachings of Jesus Christ in the comfort of your home.
Produces individualized self-instructional Christian curriculum and other programs for schools and home schools. <span class=
Canadian homeschool supply providing Christian and secular curriculum.
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HOMESCHOOL Q&A: FUN-SCHOOLING VS THE GOOD & THE BEAUTIFUL Hello, Darlings! Grab a seat and join me for a quick Homeschool Q&A as I compare/contrast Fun-schooling and The Good & The Beautiful curriculum...specifically language arts! Direct links to...
A Day in Our HOMESCHOOL Life ~ Vegan, Military & Christian Family We are a Vegan, Christian, Military, Homeschooling Family, practicing Gentle Parenting Techniques and instilling great values, morals, and a love of our country in our children while we help...
Homeschool Burnout || Tips to Prevent It! Every homeschool parent suffers from burnout some point during their homeschool journey. Here are a few tips to help you get through it! Check out my favorites: https://www.amazon.com/shop/acom...
Plan through the Christian Year | Homeschool Planner | January 2018 | One Thing Needful Theophany is coming soon. What is it all about? I share all about Theophany, aka Epiphany, aka the Feast of Illumination, aka the Feast of Lights. I share the Feast Day page from our Homeschool...
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Watu Wote joins other films attempting what African sermons cannot.Two years ago, the heroic actions of some Kenyan Muslims brought their majority-Christian nation together. The Oscar-nominated film depiction of that heroism may do so again—if many people watch.Watu Wote is a fictional retelling of real-life horror. In December 2015, al-Shabaab terrorists stormed a bus headed toward the border with Somalia and demanded Christian passengers separate for targeted execution. Muslim passengers responded, “If you want to kill us, then kill us. There are no Christians here.” The Christian women were given hijabs to wear, while the Christian men were hidden behind bags.They knew the danger. One year earlier in a similar bus attack, Muslim militants killed 28 Christians who failed to correctly say the Islamic creed.Filmed on location in Swahili and Somali, the 22-minute film was nominated for the Live Action Short Film category at the 90th Academy Awards.“The film captures an issue close to Kenyan hearts, that apart from religious differences, we are all Kenyan,” said Timothy Ranji, bishop of the Anglican diocese of Mt. Kenya South. “The downside is that it will be watched by very few Kenyans.”Access to film is limited in Kenya. The nation ranks 77th worldwide in terms of cinemas per capita, according to UN data. Radio is a far more effective means of communication in the East African nation, Ranji said.And some, like William Black, may choose not to watch it. “The movie tells a good story, I’m sure,” said the American Orthodox missionary and professor at St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. “But it hits too close to home.”Black believes that terrorists want to push Kenya to the tipping point. “The narrow focus ...Continue reading...
Adventures in Phonics is a series from Christian Liberty Press, this workbook introduces phonetic principles in a logical sequence. The consistent drills and repetition of concepts will help to ensure mastery as children learn the skills foundational to fluent reading abilities.The post Adventures in Phonics appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
A little over three years ago, in February of 2015, 21 Christian men were martyred by ISIS on a beach in Libya. Their story captured the world’s attention for a brief time, but soon other stories, both important and trivial, stepped in to grab the spotlight. Such is the nature of the news cycle.On occasion, I have used this blog to bring updates on what is happening in the area where those brave men sacrificed their lives in Christ’s name.The post Beauty from Ashes appeared first on Jim Daly.
I am delighted to announce that Focus on the Family's NIrV Adventures in Odyssey Children's Bible has been nominated as a finalist for best Bible of the year by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA).As I've mentioned before, The NIrV Adventures in Odyssey Bible provides an exciting journey through the Scriptures hosted by familiar characters from the beloved Adventures in Odyssey audio drama. Designed for children ages 7 to 12, this full color Bible includes both the Old and New Testaments and these special features:66 book introductions100 word searches200+ devotionals300 fun trivia factsA 30-day guided reading planMaps of key biblical eventsEight comic-book adventures illustrated by Marvel/DC Comics artist Sergio CarielloThe ECPA's Christian Book Award “recognizes the highest quality in Christian books and Bibles and is among the oldest and most prestigious awards program in the religious publishing industry.” The program began in 1978 and now includes 11 categories including Bibles, Bible Reference Works and Christian Living.The post Adventures in Odyssey Children's Bible Nominated as Bible of the Year Finalist appeared first on Jim Daly.
A bill threatening free speech and religious freedom is quickly moving through the California state assembly.What’s it all about?Assembly Bill 2943 (AB 2943) uses the state's consumer fraud statute to penalize religious freedom and free speech on the issues of homosexuality and gender identity.The bill adds “sexual orientation change efforts” to the state's “Consumer Legal Remedies Act.”How does this affect people of faith?Both Scripture and Christian teaching are clear about God's good plan for marriage and sexuality: God designed marriage to join one man and one woman in a committed, exclusive, lifelong relationship.The post This California Bill Threatens Religious Freedom appeared first on Jim Daly.
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