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RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience.
E-mail correspondence school, offering national and New Jersey state correlated curriculum and counselor support.
A Balanced Curriculum is a process by which schools can align curriculum to local, state, national, and professional education standards. <span class=
Produces individualized self-instructional Christian curriculum and other programs for schools and home schools. <span class=
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How I use Beyond Five in a Row in my Homeschool!!!!! This is How I use Beyond FIAR, it is just an idea how to make the curriculum work for you and your family. Thanks so much for watching!! Please Like and Subscribe and stay tuned for new videos....
Homeschool Middle School: Part 2 This video is about Homeschooling Middle School including transitioning from elementary to middle school and transitioning from middle school to high school. We will discuss curriculum, other...
Homeschool Middle School: Part 3 This video is about Homeschooling Middle School including transitioning from elementary to middle school and transitioning from middle school to high school. We will discuss curriculum, other...
9th grade Homeschool High School Curriculum Master Books Circle C Apologia and More Check out our homeschool curriculum choices for 9th grade for the 2017-2018 school year masterbooks.com https://www.missionimperative.org/ circlecadventures.com study.com apologia.com...
HOMESCHOOL Q&A: FUN-SCHOOLING VS THE GOOD & THE BEAUTIFUL Hello, Darlings! Grab a seat and join me for a quick Homeschool Q&A as I compare/contrast Fun-schooling and The Good & The Beautiful curriculum...specifically language arts! Direct links to...
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Up to 60% off Compass Classroom Online Curriculum Number of stars: 5 out of 5. It’s happening now! Once a year Compass Classroom has a huge sale on their popular homeschool video curriculum These incredibly low prices include courses in: Latin, History, Biology, Econ, Logic, Vocab, and much more! Why choose Compass Classroom? Fun for […]The post DEAL ALERT: Up to 60% off Compass Classroom Online Curriculum appeared first on Hip Homeschool Moms.
The deadline is rapidly approaching to apply for one of the five week-long Summer Teacher Institutes being held at the Library of Congress between June and August this year. Educators will have until March 17 at midnight Pacific Time to apply online.Held at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., these unique professional development opportunities provide educators of all disciplines with a host of resources and strategies to successfully use primary sources with their students. Each session will focus on practical teaching strategies, with an emphasis on supporting student engagement, critical thinking, and construction of knowledge.While practicing these core strategies, attendees will also explore some of the millions of digitized historical artifacts and documents available in the Library’s collections. They will meet library experts and conduct research to identify primary sources related to their teaching, with the goal of developing an activity to use with their students in the coming school year. See what some of our previous Institute’s participants have to say about their experience!Five week-long sessions will be offered this summer:General Focus – open to K-12 educators across all content areas:June 19-23June 26-30July 10-14Science, Technology, and Engineering Focus – recommended for K-12 educators who teach science, technology, or engineering, or collaborate with those who do:July 17-21World War I Focus – recommended for K-12 educators who teach some aspect of WWI as part of their curriculum, or collaborate with those who do:July 31-August 4Institute and course materials are provided at no cost. Participants will be responsible for transportation to and from Washington, D.C., and any required overnight accommodations.Apply by March 17! Note that a letter of recommendation will be required. Learn more about the program and fill out the application here.
It's constantly been recognized that parents provide an inherent right to figure out how to raise and educate the children of theirs. Nowadays, the latter decision is created more complicated for the simpler dichotomous choice of private versus public schooling is actually provided a third rival: homeschooling. Homeschooling holds a clear edge of the other 2, which of the reality that as a parent, you're provided a chance to be totally hands on with your child's education, from time, to curriculum, as well as to the development type you need imbibed in him or maybe her using that education.
A list of South African homeschool events, including South African homeschool expos, curriculum fairs, open days, encouragement days, workshops and other homeschooling events around the country.
In an effort to reduce truancy in Brown County, Wisconsin, police officers are enforcing the county's 1998 daytime curfew ordinance. You will find WPA's information helpful should you be approached by anyone asking questions.If a police officer questions you, WPA suggests you follow these general principles:• Stay calm and be polite.• Know and exercise your legal rights.• To protect your homeschooling freedoms, civil rights, and privacy, do only the minimum that is required to avoid having the situation become more serious.• Make sure any young people who will not be accompanied by an adult while they are out in public in the Green Bay area during conventional school hours are prepared to talk with police officers. Consider practicing with them.• For adults only: Explain that children who are accompanied by their parents are exempt from the Daytime Curfew ordinance. If necessary, show them a copy of the ordinance (see below).• For both adults and unaccompanied young people: Explain that you are a homeschooler and homeschoolers have the legal right to set their own calendars and schedules. If necessary, show the officer your PI-1206 form, including the information you have printed on the back (see below).• Don't volunteer any additional information. Don't outline the schedule your homeschool follows. Don't try to explain that whatever you were doing is part of your curriculum. Volunteering such information may lead the police officer to ask you more questions or report you to a school official or social service worker for more investigation.• In addition, WPA does not advise homeschooled parents to provide their children with written proof that their child has been excused from attending school at a particular time for two reasons. First, using the PI-1206 form to establish that the child is a homeschooler should be sufficient to prevent the child or parent from being arrested. Second, providing such excuses invites more questions.
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