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Support group for parents and children offering weekly activities and helping with homeschooling issues in Cary, NC.
A support group for LDS parents who are homeschooling gifted children. Devoted topically to giftedness and gifted issues.
A family based web site discussing education and family issues.
A national quarterly publication for Christian homeschoolers. Nearly 100 pages focusing on lifestyle issues, teaching tips, suggestions, and homeschool biographies.
How to choose a math curriculum for homeschooling - articles on curriculum issues, plus descriptions and reviews of the most popular homeschool math ...
Promotes thinking skills by discussing moral issues.
Promotes thinking skills by discussing moral issues.
Place for Oregon parents to share ideas for activities, organization, scheduling, and other issues.
Bimonthly subscription magazine dedicated to providing trustworthy, inspiring information and a forum for discussion about self-directed, life-based learning. Includes index of articles in current and past issues.
High-traffic email list for area families to discuss and coordinate activities and issues.
A critical look at HSLDA, and examination of legalities of homeschooling.
ProQuest delivers deep research solutions linked to your curriculum standards: eLibrary, SIRS, CultureGrams, and more. Get free trials today.
Links, statistics and information supporting the case for home schooling versus government programming.
SLCHA connects Catholic families with one another, provides information on legal issues and support organizations, and pubishes an online newsletter.
Lists of support groups, legal issues, new homeschooler information, and the history of homeschooling from this statewide organization.
A bimonthly publication of the Home School Legal Defense Association focusing on current political, Christian, and legal issues.
Public messageboard for discussion of controversial issues.
An inclusive forum in which New Zealand Home Educators can discuss ideas, issues, questions, concerns, resources, as well as to provide support, advice and encouragement for each other.
An information-only list for homeschool related announcements in Kitsap County. No chat allowed, no stories, jokes, political information or other non-homeschool related issues.
JHENYC is a place online to discuss issues unique to New York-area Jewish homeschoolers and unschoolers, and a place to form friendships and plan meetings.
A network for NC homeschoolers to address legislative issues affecting homeschooling.
Large, active e-mail discussion group for issues affecting homeschooling, and for news about media articles and programs, proposed legislation, research, conferences and other information of interest to virginia homeschoolers. Bookmarks, plus adjunct fiel
Networking and political awareness for home educators throughout the state. Political discussion, questions, and issues relevant to home education are main topics of this list.