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This site is an inclusive internet-based group created to forge an atmosphere of comraderie among local homeschoolers.
Charlotte Mason taught in traditional schools, but her methods translate beautifully into homeschooling and are popular among among homeschoolers. ...
Computer articles for homeschooling.
Co-op and field trip information for this inclusive local support group.
Learn sports fundamentals, obtain class information, and find out about Homeschool Olympics from this San Diego-based organization.
Formerly Canadian Homeschool Resource Page. Links to chats and forums, other homeschooling sites, educational sites and homeschooled kids' personal pages; lists of homeschooling conferences, universities and colleges accepting homeschoolers, books, m
A statewide support group providing information, courses, newsletters, activities, contests, travel, mailing lists, message boards, and more for South Carolina homeschoolers.
Support group for parents and children offering weekly activities and helping with homeschooling issues in Cary, NC.
CHO is a TORCH chapter featuring field trips, planned activities, and religious education advice.
This statewide networking organization provides articles, legal information, the Church's teaching on home education, recommended curriculum providers, curriculum fair information, an analysis of the changes to PA's law, their opinion of evaluat
Christian, but inclusive, email group.
Information on this Macedonia-based co-op for homeschoolers using the School of Tomorrow curriculum.
Statewide network for Christian homeschoolers. Provides support group information, help for new homeschoolers, articles, reviews, and legal information.
A support group for structured homeschoolers that offers educational and spiritual activities for the whole family. CHEH publishes a newsletter and an annual yearbook.
This state-wide group assists homeschoolers by providing information, skills, tools, and a recommendation for the best practice approach to home school verification .
An association of more than fifty homeschool support groups across Kansas. The site seeks to provide valuable information for prospective, new, and experienced homeschoolers in Kansas.
Software, worksheets, posters, and other resources for homeschool families.
Offers legal accountability for SC homeschoolers. Their website also provides free forms and information about homeschooling. Located in Ruffin, SC.
For families in Pasco and Pinellas Counties. Information about educational activities maintained by a (non-denominational) Christian, support group. This group also posts a monthly online newsletter during the regular school-year.
An email list for general chat, including education.
Advice from experienced homeschoolers. Over 1200 books and curriculum packages available through our online bookstore.
An email list for this inclusive group.