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“My coach from my senior year could look at me and knight me with his eyes.”That powerful comment illustrates the hunger of every boy to have a man, particularly a father, draw him into manhood. It comes from Dr. Robert Lewis, who has been associated with Focus on the Family for years. Back in the late 90s, he wrote a book with Focus called “Raising a Modern-Day Knight.” Since then, it's been our number one best seller.The post Raising Boys Who Become True Men appeared first on Jim Daly.
“What would Jesus do?”Remember that pop-culture phenomenon from a few years back? Lots of people wore “WWJD?” bracelets and T-shirts or slapped a sticker on their car bumper.It's too bad that such a deep and meaningful question has become better identified with trinkets and deprecating parody than with life-changing self-reflection.We've sanitized the gospels.To answer what Jesus would do requires a closer examination of the life He led and the gritty world in which He lived.The post Jesus Through the Eyes of a Fisherwoman appeared first on Jim Daly.
Do you know your “why”?God's purpose for your spiritual journey, for your work, and for your family starts with your “why.”People ask, “How will I serve God? Where will I serve God? When will I serve God?” Unless you tackle the “why” question, everything else becomes a mountain that prevents you from moving forward – your finances, your background, your education, your training, your age, and so on. If you know your why, those mountains somehow don't appear as big or as insurmountable.The post The Five Cs to Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life appeared first on Jim Daly.
I want to share with you an interview I did with CBN on the topic of Joe Kennedy, the football coach who lost his job because of his custom of praying on the 50-yard line after every game. As you can tell from the interview – and my Fox News op-ed last week – I feel strongly about this story. (Click on the image to watch the interview.) I hope you'll click over to watch the interview – and come back and let me know what you think about Coach Joe Kennedy in the comments section below.The post Watch My CBN Interview on the Coach Joe Kennedy Religious Liberty Case appeared first on Jim Daly.
This week we're celebrating the 500th episode of The Boundless Show, a national radio program and podcast hosted by Lisa Anderson, who also serves as the director of young adult outreach here at Focus.If you've never listened to an episode of Boundless, let me fill you in.The show is fun and feisty, and usually features a lot of laughter thanks to Lisa's unique take on pop culture and tell-it-like-it-is style.But more than anything, The Boundless Show is also ministry.The post Celebrating 500 Episodes of The Boundless Show appeared first on Jim Daly.
We're fast approaching the fourth annual Bring Your Bible to School Day, when tens of thousands of public school students across the nation will celebrate on Oct. 5.I'll share more about it in the coming weeks, but in case you're not familiar with Bring Your Bible, let me give you a quick explanation: it's a student-led event sponsored by Focus on the Family where children and teens from all 50 states will share God's hope and celebrate religious freedom by bringing their Bibles to school and talking about it with their friends.The post Exclusive: Sadie Robertson's Important Message to Students appeared first on Jim Daly.
Where were you on 9/11?If you're old enough to remember that Tuesday, I'm sure that question instantly brings an answer to your mind.It was early in the morning here in Colorado when the news broke. I had been having devotions and turned on the television just before the second plane hit the World Trade Center. Like everybody else, I spent the rest of the day glued to the television, watching one of the most epic and tragic moments in American history unfold.The post He Experienced God's Grace As the Towers Were Falling appeared first on Jim Daly.
When my first child Trent was born 17 years ago I knew two things right away:I loved him desperately.I didn't know how to be a dad.I doubt I was much different than most guys. There's a lot about fathering that men have to learn as they go. But every new dad and soon-to-be new dad could benefit from a playbook. We've got just the thing for you on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Helping Men Prepare for Fatherhood.”We're talking to Benjamin Watson about his book “The New Dad's Playbook: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of Your Life.” If you and your wife are expecting, you're going to want to hear this program.The post Benjamin Watson Shares What Dads Should Expect When Their Wives Are Expecting appeared first on Jim Daly.
On the surface, news that scientists are learning how to tweak the genetic code of organism cells – potentially “editing out” deadly illnesses and diseases – seems positive. Indeed, there is a lot of potential good that can be derived from technologies like these, which is why Focus on the Family supports its use in basic research as well as in treatment of diseases in adults and children.But, as with most things, there are also potential dangers we have to be aware of.The post Human Gene Editing: Three Threats You Should Know appeared first on Jim Daly.
The problem with life moving so fast is you never see the cracks starting to form.That's what Bob and Audrey discovered. They met in Bible college. They were passionate about their faith and each other and wanted to change the world together. They got married, and within a few years had three kids, were active in a national ministry, and began pastoring a thriving church. They attended marriage conferences and read books together. They were highly visible and well-known in their community.The post Reasons to Save Your Marriage After an Affair appeared first on Jim Daly.
A few weeks ago I announced a project all of us here at Focus on the Family are very excited about: we're helping spread the word about a beautiful and life-changing movie, “MULLY.”The film tells the story of Charles Mully, who has rescued more than 12,000 children and teens who were living on the streets of his native Kenya.Mully was moved to compassion by his own experience of being abandoned by his family at age 6 – and his desire to obey God's prompting in his heart to help children society had discarded.The post Watch Chris Tomlin Share What #MullyMovie Meant to Him appeared first on Jim Daly.
When it comes to marriage, Bob Kraning and his wife, Carol, have got the experience that counts. In May, they celebrated 60 years as husband and wife.Whenever I hear about a couple like that, I can't help but wonder, “What's their secret?”Bob provides some of the answers in a recorded message called “Twenty-Five Years and Still in Love.” Their “secrets” are actually timeless truths available to all of us. That's why this program has been a blessing to countless marriages for the nearly 30 years we've been airing it.The post How to Stay in Love after 25 Years of Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.
It's been four years since Focus on the Family launched the student-led “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” which has a combined participation of half-a-million students.You'd think with all the news coverage the event has received, and with all the students who have led events at their schools, that parents, teachers and administrators around the nation would be better attuned to students' First Amendment rights.Sadly, that's still not the case.For example, just last month it was reported that an Indiana first-grade teacher instructed students to not talk about God or Jesus.The post First Grade Student Told Not to Talk About God appeared first on Jim Daly.
Yesterday I shared with you why it's more important than ever for public school students to participate in this year's “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” the Focus on the Family-sponsored and student-led free speech event.#BringYourBible has grown exponentially since we originally launched it in 2014: The first year, 8,000 students participated. The second year, 155,000. Last year, over 355,000. This year, we're hoping 500,000 students will bring their Bible to school and will share and read Scripture with their friends during appropriate times, like before and after school, during recess or lunch, etc.The post Help Your Children Build a Strong Faith appeared first on Jim Daly.
Focus on the Family is airing an important two-day broadcast titled “Understanding Teen Depression.”Depression and suicide rates among kids are staggering. Everyone should be concerned. Right here in Colorado Springs, we've had an escalation of teen suicide clusters that is breathtaking, with two schools not far from our campus having a total of 12 suicides in the last three years.That sort of pain is not unique to our community. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, more than 3 million adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 report at least one major depressive episode in the past year, and more than 2 million report severe depression has impeded their daily functioning.The post Understanding Teen Depression and Suicide appeared first on Jim Daly.
What do you do in the car with your kids? What about at breakfast or at the dinner table? How about in the backyard when you're throwing the ball with your boys or playing “chase” with your daughters?Scripture provides a great idea in Deuteronomy 6:6-7:“And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (ESV).The post Tips to Build Your Child’s Faith Foundation appeared first on Jim Daly.
There's a reason so many couples have a hard time resolving marital conflict. When a disagreement erupts, they immediately sit down, start talking, and try to work out their differences.Kinda sounds like the correct thing to do, doesn't it? But according to my colleague, Dr. Greg Smalley, that's the “absolute worst” thing you could do. Working through a disagreement with your spouse is part of the equation, but it's not the place to begin.Jesus laid out the proper path of reconciliation in Matthew 7:3 (ESV): “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”Tempers can flare and hearts can close in the midst of conflict.The post A Better Way to Resolve Marriage Conflict appeared first on Jim Daly.
You may have heard that the founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner, died last night at the age of 91. I want to share with you my statement to the media on his passing:“The death of Hugh Hefner has elicited tributes of many kinds, including that he was a pioneer who liberated the sexual frustrations of a culture. In reality, his efforts and entrepreneurial pursuits helped enslave generations of both women and men.“Pornography corrupts what God created for enjoyment within marriage and objectifies the gift of our sexuality.The post Hugh Hefner has died. How does his view of sex compare to God's? appeared first on Jim Daly.
On Wednesday I shared with you two things that you could do to deepen your family's faith: watching the movie “MULLY,” and participating in “Bring Your Bible to School Day.”Today I want to share with you a video of a Pennsylvania family for whom #BringYourBible became a part of living out their faith every day – even in the midst of life's trials. It's a beautiful video that will leave you with a smile on your face – and even a tear in your eye.The post Meet an Elementary School Girl Who Shared Jesus with Her Classmates appeared first on Jim Daly.
A young man named Billy Riley was in a philosophy program at a small liberal arts college in western Pennsylvania. His Human Origins class offered some of the greatest challenges a Christian student could ever face. Not only was he confronted with opposing worldviews, but his professor was biased in his teaching approach.Billy was mature enough in his faith that he befriended the professor. They had great conversations and vigorous debate after each class. They eventually put together a school symposium on the existence of God.The post Guiding Your Young Adult to a Vibrant Faith appeared first on Jim Daly.
Do you know the significance of a man named Martin Luther?If the first thing that comes to mind is the “I Have a Dream” speech, you're thinking of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.That's a common mistake. Martin Luther isn't exactly a household name to some, but he is an influential figure in world history. In fact, some say he's as historically relevant as Abraham Lincoln or Julius Caesar. Yet, most Christians know very little about him – or nothing at all.The post How Martin Luther Changed the World appeared first on Jim Daly.
I want to share two practical opportunities with you that are guaranteed to positively impact your family's faith.The first one will take place from Tuesday, Oct. 3, to Thursday, Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. each night at almost 800 theaters around the country – and that's the debut of the movie “MULLY.”As you may know, “MULLY” is the incredible true story of Charles Mully, who went from being an abandoned child living on the streets to a multi-millionaire businessman and entrepreneur – and who gave it all up to save more than 12,000 children who were living on the streets of Kenya.The post Doing These Two Things Will Deepen Your Family's Faith appeared first on Jim Daly.
Evil and carnage weren't the only things evident on that terrible Sunday night in Las Vegas when bullets rained down on a crowd of 22,000 concertgoers.There were also thousands of examples of heroism and self-sacrifice.Many off-duty doctors, nurses and paramedics who were enjoying the concert sprang into action to help the wounded. These men and women risked their own lives to give CPR, make tourniquets, and apply pressure on bleeding wounds.A mom used her own body to shield her 4-year-old daughter from the barrage of bullets.The post Toxic Masculinity? Not in Las Vegas appeared first on Jim Daly.
What do you do when you're at the top of the world one minute and scraping the bottom of the barrel the next?Former major league pitcher Brian Holman has had to answer that very question … many times.In 1999, his son David fell thirty feet from a ski-lift and suffered multiple severe injuries. When he got to the hospital, doctors ran an MRI and discovered David had a brain tumor. They successfully removed it, but David had a post-surgical stroke and needed extensive rehab to recover.The post What to Do When Life Knocks You Down appeared first on Jim Daly.
My statement on the news that the Trump Administration’s Oct. 6 decision to roll back the birth control mandate. – J.D.**“We are pleased to see that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has issued a significant rule change to the Obamacare-based mandate that employers, even those with religious or moral objections, must provide for possible abortion-causing contraceptives in company health plans. This extreme rule forced many employers to make an impossible choice between their deeply held conscience-based objections to abortion, and the prospect of paying crippling fines for non-compliance.The post Birth Control Mandate Rollback Ends “Government Harassment of Religious-Minded Employers” appeared first on Jim Daly.

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