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Timely, relevant articles on marriage, parenting, faith, entertainment, life challenges and social issues, all from a Christian perspective. Plus access to family-friendly movie reviews and news analysis.
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By: Joe Battaglia Whether we like it or not, all fathers are teachers.Some are absent.Some are reluctant.But children will learn SOMETHING from their dad.Even if it's nothing.The question is what do we want them to learn, and from whom?I became acutely aware of this scenario in a rather strange way—by shopping with my daughter when she was about 13-14 years old.While we were at a mall, my daughter asked to go into a very hip, fashionable store for teens to buy a shirt.The post Guest Blog: The Power of a Father appeared first on Jim Daly.
My dad had a bad habit of breaking his promises. So when I was 11, and our trip to a Dodgers baseball game almost fell through, I thought for sure it would be just one more disappointment in a long line of them.We were running late that day, and we just barely missed the bus to the stadium. Honestly, I figured my dad would do what he had always done in circumstances like that: offer a weak apology and take us home.The post Miracles on the Baseball Diamond appeared first on Jim Daly.
Why do kids misbehave?Dr. Kevin Leman offers these 3 reasons:Attention-gettingPowerRevengeHe says the strong-willed child has been given a bad rap. We want our kids to be strong-willed. When the world tells them, “Do everything we do,” we want our son or daughter to know right from wrong and to have the conviction to stand for it.What you don't want, Dr. Leman says, is the “powerful child.” They have an agenda.The post How Parents Can Get Back Their Power from a Child Who's in Control appeared first on Jim Daly.
Why are we so easily offended?That's even a problem for Christians who believe in the fruit of the Spirit. Why do we get so upset about the guy that cuts us off on the highway? Why are we so easily irritated when something doesn't go our way, or when we feel like we're not getting what we deserve? And why do we deserve something in the first place?There are different levels of anger. Sometimes it's the result of feeling threatened.The post Letting Go of Offenses appeared first on Jim Daly.
The post Video: Our Trip to the Masterpiece Cake Shop appeared first on Jim Daly.
Jesus could have judged the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3-11). She was guilty, after all. The crowd knew it. She knew it, too. And according to the strict law of Moses, she deserved death by stoning.Rocks in hand, the men dragged the woman through the streets, and asked Jesus for her final verdict. Instead of condemning her, Jesus forgave her.That story from the book of John is helpful for couples whose marriages have been assaulted by the betrayal of adultery.The post Rescuing Your Marriage from the Ashes appeared first on Jim Daly.
Kristen Schell discovered the value of community on a summer immersion program in France. She was a stranger in a foreign land, but she had rarely felt so welcomed, loved, and connected – and she didn't even understand the language.In a many European countries like France, community takes place around the table. Family and friends join together to celebrate food, life, and each other.That perspective on life came back to her years later while she and a neighbor were preparing for a backyard barbecue.The post How to Open Your Home and Heart to Your Neighborhood appeared first on Jim Daly.
Week Ending 6-5-18Breaking Up with Perfect (by Amy Carroll)I’ll Push You (by Patrick Gray & Justin Skeesuck)Through the Eyes of a Lion (by Levi Lusko)The Read-Aloud Family (by Sarah MacKenzie)Don’t Go to Bed Angry (by Deb DeArmond & Ronald DeArmond)The Birth Order Book (by Dr. Kevin Leman)Our Newlywed Kitchen (by Laura Schupp)A Family Shaped by Grace (by Gary Morland)The Graduate Survival Guide (by Anthony ONeal & Rachel Cruze)Faith, Hope, Love, and Deployment (by Heather Gray)Raising Kingdom Kids (by Tony Evans)Love & Respect (by Emerson Eggerichs)A Lifelong Love (by Gary Thomas)The Focus on the Family Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex (by J.The post Focus on the Family Best Seller List appeared first on Jim Daly.
I'm currently on a plane flying back home from a visit with friends of the ministry. While I was changing planes in Chicago, I asked my colleague, Bruce Hausknecht, to break down in shirt-sleeve English Jack Phillips' victory today at the Supreme Court.Without a doubt, today's Supreme Court decision recognizes that religious freedom is still entitled to its pre-eminent place among our constitutional guarantees.I've been saying for some time that the conflict between LGBT rights and religious freedom doesn't have to be a win-lose.The post 2 Minute Video: Explaining the Masterpiece Cake Shop Ruling appeared first on Jim Daly.
Technology is wiring our children's brains to believe five fundamental lies:I'm the center of the universe.I deserve to be happy all the time.I must have choices.I'm my own authority.I don't need other people.What's technology's part? Eighty percent of a child's ability to interact with the world around him develops after the child is born. Until about age 25, neurons in a child's brain are connected through repetition, through the things the child does frequently.The post Effective Parenting in a World of Technology appeared first on Jim Daly.
Have you ever felt lonely?Have you ever felt abandoned?Have you ever felt like it wouldn't matter to anyone if you lived or died?That's how well-known author and speaker Josh McDowell felt when he was just 11 years old. His father, the “town drunk,” was abusive to his wife and created such havoc for the family that Josh became suicidal. He felt God had abandoned him – if God existed at all, that is.The post Josh McDowell: From Suicidal to Salvation appeared first on Jim Daly.
Week ending May 29th:The Graduate Survival Guide (by Anthony ONeal & Rachel Cruze)Through the Eyes of a Lion (by Levi Lusko)The Birth Order Book (by Dr. Kevin Leman)A Family Shaped by Grace (by Gary Morland)Our Newlywed Kitchen (by Laura Schupp)ESV Economy BibleRaising Kingdom Kids (by Tony Evans)Swipe Right (by Levi Lusko)Kingdom Marriage (by Tony Evans)Grace Based Discipline (by Karis Kimmel Murray)Faith, Hope, Love, and Deployment (by Heather Gray)The Antelope in the Living Room (by Melanie Shankle)A Lifelong Love (by Gary Thomas)Ready to Wed: 12 Ways to Start a Marriage You’ll Love (by Dr.The post Focus on the Family Best Seller List appeared first on Jim Daly.
Imagine hiking 500 miles across mountains, valleys, and seemingly endless prairie all while pushing your best friend in a wheelchair and rediscovering God – and yourself – along the way.That may sound like a compelling movie plot, but it's a true story for Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray.Justin has a progressive neuromuscular disease called multifocal acquired motor axonapathy. It's a genetic predisposition similar to ALS that was triggered by a car accident Justin survived when he was 16 years old.The post Conquering Peaks and Valleys Through Friendship appeared first on Jim Daly.
Ding, ding, ding! Put your gloves on for round 1!It's healthy to disagree. Why? Because nobody is 100% correct 100% of the time. Disagreement improves ideas, charts a new course or corrects an old one, and allows people to see their faults and to grow from them. The trick is to engage in conflict in productive ways.That's particularly true for married couples.With us on our radio program to offer practical guidance for strengthening your marriage through disagreeing are Ron and Deb DeArmond, authors of the book Don't Go to Bed Angry: Stay Up and Fight.The post Don't Go to Bed Angry – Stay Up and Fight appeared first on Jim Daly.
I'm delighted to hear of the 7-2 Supreme Court victory today for Jack Phillips and his bakery, Masterpiece Cakeshop.It's been a long time in coming.No one should be forced to violate their faith in order to earn a living, and Jack, who I've met and consider a friend, just wants to be free to live out his faith in his chosen profession.As Jack has said on several occasions, this case was never about refusing to serve gay people.The post Masterpiece Cake Decision is a Victory for Religious Respect appeared first on Jim Daly.
Week ending May 22, 2018Swipe Right ( by Levi Lusko)Through the Eyes of a Lion (by Levi Lusko)Our Newlywed Kitchen (by Laura Schupp)The Perfect Dad (by Rob Stennett)Grace Based Discipline (by Karis Kimmel Murray)Raising Kingdom Kids (by Tony Evans)The Antelope in the Living Room (by Melanie Shankle)A Lifelong Love (by Gary Thomas)Kingdom Marriage (by Tony Evans)The Marriage Builder (by Larry Crabb)Love and Respect in the Family (by Emerson Eggerichs)The Focus on the Family Guide to Talking with Your Kids about Sex (by J.The post Focus on the Family Best Seller List appeared first on Jim Daly.
Freedom comes at a high cost.Today we want to pause and reflect with gratitude on all the brave servicemen and women who have died defending freedom. We honor those who have fallen and offer a humble and heartfelt “thank you” to every family who has lost a husband or a wife, a mom or a dad, a son or a daughter, or even a friend or a neighbor.Thank you for your loved one's sacrifice … and for yours.The post Remembering the Fallen and Their Families on Memorial Day appeared first on Jim Daly.
Children are unique, but they also fall into some fairly predictable categories.One child is a reliable, conscientious, perfectionistic, opinionated, list-maker who likes things done well. Another child is more rough and tumble, but loyal and hangs tough through thick and thin. Yet another child is outgoing, relational, charming, and can persuade others to listen to their opinions – a good negotiator.On our broadcast today, Dr. Kevin Leman says you can almost predict according to birth order which child will fit those descriptions.The post How Birth Order Affects Your Parenting appeared first on Jim Daly.
Dear Ireland:As the son of an Irish father and as the president of America's largest Christian family ministry, I write this letter with a heavy heart.Based on the snapshots of your jubilant and celebrating citizens that American media outlets are currently publicizing, one might think congratulations are in order.But they would be wrong.In fact, rather than offering my compliments for a victory, I am offering my deepest condolences.Last week's landslide vote to overturn your country's abortion prohibition marks the tragic beginning of a culture of death for the Emerald Isle. The post An Open Letter to the People of Ireland appeared first on Jim Daly.
Gary Morland believes families are like a river – good and bad choices alike flow downstream across generations. Gary's family of origin was an unhappy one. There was a lot of arguing and disharmony. His dad was an alcoholic. So was his grandfather, who left the family as a result of his addiction. Gary learned to accept dysfunction as normal and unchangeable. The influence of his past sent him on a 15-year journey down what he calls the “Rocky Rapids of Addiction.”When Gary turned 21, his dad took him drinking, and for the next 15 years, three quarts of beer a day became his habit.The post God's Grace for Those Trapped in Addiction appeared first on Jim Daly.
By: Danny HuertaFriday's release of the second season of 13 Reasons Why, the popular teen television drama, is bound to generate enormous interest – and controversy.According to a Northwestern University study, the show's highly-rated first season on Netflix significantly increased conversations among teens on difficult topics, but not necessarily in positive or healthy ways.The same study also revealed that almost 80% of teens and young adults who watched the show felt it helped them understand the ripple effect of their behaviors, but it didn't necessarily inspire them to reach out and repair relationships with those they hurt.The post Guest Post: Your Teen Wants to Watch “13 Reasons Why”? Here's How to Respond appeared first on Jim Daly.
When Jean and I entered premarital counseling, we were goo-goo-eyed and knew that we were meant for each other. We enjoyed most of the same things and were alike in almost every way.When we finished our last session a week later, that had all changed. We were both thinking, “Wow, we are nothing alike,” and we were wondering, “Are we going to be okay?”At some point, every couple begins to recognize their differences. And something strange happens when they do: The whole idea of “two becoming one” gets turned into, “My spouse should become more like me.”How do couples manage their differences effectively?The post What to Do When You and Your Spouse Are Different appeared first on Jim Daly.
Do dads have to be perfect?The answer to that question seems obvious: No.But what if the answer is yes?Nobody's perfect, of course. We all fall short in word, thought, and deed every day. That's why we need God's grace.But hold on. Even if the goal isn't literal perfection, can't every dad improve somewhere? This isn't condemnation, this is a call for men to rise up and thrive as fathers. After all, being a dad is one of the most important jobs a man will ever have.The post Thriving in Your Role as a Dad appeared first on Jim Daly.
We applaud today's action by the President and the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) in keeping this Administration's pledge to American taxpayers that no funds would go directly, or indirectly, to support abortion.HHS's announcement that it will be bringing back a Reagan-era regulation dealing with family planning funds and abortion responds to the cry of millions of Americans who want their government to support life, not death. Six in ten Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.The post The Trump Administration Is Right. Taxpayer Funds Should Not Support Abortion. appeared first on Jim Daly.
Some of the best influence on my boys' future marriages takes place in our kitchen. That's where Jean, I, and our sons gather to prepare the evening meal and catch up on our day.Okay, Jean does most of the cooking, but the rest of us help out where we can. Most importantly, we're all together. We talk about life. We talk about goals. We talk about success and failure. We laugh a lot. We're doing more than fixing and eating dinner – we're immersing our boys in relationship.The post The Recipe for Cooking Up a Happy Marriage appeared first on Jim Daly.

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