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FamilyFun.com Weekender - Weekend Crafts, Recipes, and Activities

FamilyFun.com Weekender - Weekend Crafts, Recipes, and Activities

Use these great ideas for crafts, recipes, and activities to make the most of your time with your family this weekend.
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Tips for turning a stay-at-home vacation into a memorable break for the whole family.
Experience the power of the pipe cleaner with these tips and tricks.
Grab tissue paper and pipe cleaners to create these festive flowers.
Make a delicious cheese snowman with your kids. This Christmas recipe is easy, cute, fun and tasty!
Create a winter amusement park in your snowy backyard.
Recycle worn sweaters into cozy woolen mittens.
Simple paper snowflakes for holiday decorating; another great Christmas craft from FamilyFun.com.
Turn pasta shapes into ornate flakes.
Give an ordinary lampshade the star treatment.
Don't miss this irresistible twist on a crispy treat.
Cold weather parties from FamilyFun.
This game involves lots of pats on the back and laughs, so it's perfect for family gatherings.
Beyond fun, these meringue-topped ice-cream treats are pure magic - they stay frozen even while baking in a hot oven.
This rice pudding is super simple to make, rich and creamy.
Whip up these tasty treats to celebrate the season.
3 projects that take cereal boxes out of the kitchen and into the craft room.
When it's cold outside, casseroles are a convenient and comforting choice. Here are {dozens of recipes} to please any palate.
A craft foam calendar lets kids show off their artwork all year round.
These snowmen use pillar candles to create a glowing illusion. Make a snow day project with items you have on hand.
Tidy up with a space-saving glove-and-mitten rack.
This alpine chalet is a cinch for even first-time home builders.
This game requires a bit of prep but is well worth the effort. Put a small prize in a small box, tape it well, and gift wrap it.
Get kids on board for New Year's Eve with these great goodie bags.
In the Philippines at Christmas time, these bright lanterns, called parols, fill the streets, their shape echoing the star of Bethlehem.
Share the warmth of the holidays by recycling thrift shop wool sweaters into sweet wreath ornaments.

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