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FamilyFun.com - Holiday Crafts and Recipe Ideas

FamilyFun.com - Holiday Crafts and Recipe Ideas

Get crafts and recipe ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, July 4th -- all the holidays of the year!
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Make posable toy animals from dried pasta.
Have fun playing this indoor game that is a twist on boccie ball.
What to do with all those great leftovers the day after having a big turkey? This year, before piling them on a plate and heading for the microwave, consider showing your child how to turn them into a savory hot dish that's on everyone's list of favorite comfort foods: turkey potpie.
Here's how to make your own irresistible trio of Polar Bear Cubs, starting with Mama Bear.
Inspired by the Victorian tradition of hanging gilded walnuts on a tree, each ornament holds a special fortune in its empty shell.
Spell out joy with this festive holiday decorations on this holiday card; another great holiday craft from FamilyFun.com.
This snack-time staple has applesauce for moisture, and diced apples because, well, they taste great.
To help her family slow down and savor the small pleasures in life, December/January 2009 Mom of the Month Anne Petersen schedules a weekly "pioneer night."
A holiday package of simple activities and family rituals that will make your season bright.
Even if the temperature where you live never drops below freezing, you can still have a row of frosty icicles -- inside, no less!
With peppermint extract and red food coloring, your kids can turn this simple dough into edible ornaments for the tree.
Our personalized "welcome!" banner makes your holiday guests feel appreciated.
People who are very comfortable around each other can play a guffaw-inducing game with a couple of long-handled wooden spoons.
For the most flavorful meat, get a smoked and salt-cured country ham.
Although your kids may pick out all the lima beans in this classic side dish, they will have fun making it--and saying its name.
Kinder, gentler noisemakers with festive streamers
Made with ground turkey, this meat loaf is lighter and more moist than traditional beef and pork varieties, yet every bit as flavorful.
From Washington State to Leavenworth, Michigan -- and even sunny Naples, Florida -- winter carnivals make for tons of snowy fun.
String up a few of these crystals, made of pipe cleaners and beads, and get ready for a flurry of compliments.
Flaky ways to enjoy winter fun.
Just like the real deal, this cool cardboard locker to hold your valentines can be spruced up with stickers and tiny posters.
Here's an easy-to-make peek-a-boo card that makes an open-and-shut case for your affection.
Serve some heart-shaped pancakes to kick off Valentine's Day -- or any other special day!
Make your Valentine's Day fun with Valentine's Day party ideas and games.
Recycle crayon pieces into colorful, useable gifts; another great Valentine's Day craft from FamilyFun.com.

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