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Britney Spears who? Miley Cyrus? Is that like a circus? I have better things to do on December 7th.

Britney Spears who? Miley Cyrus? Is that like a circus? I have better things to do on December 7th.

OK, so my kids have no idea who any on the hottest Hollywood celebrities or pop stars are... no clue.  Ask them and they will just stare at you like you are dumb.  (I've got to work on their manners!)

As homeschoolers we get to pick and choose who we want to admire and why.  The media cannot force feed us or our children because we abstain from their influence altogether.  No cable television, no satellite, and only rabbit ears on rare occasions (like when we got a direct hit from Tropical Storm Fey).

So on December 7th, we can look at the lives of real people who made a difference... like those brave men who did their duty for family, liberty, and country on December 7, 1941.  Brave men like Cassin Young:

Congressional Medal of Honor

Rank and organization: Commander, U.S. Navy.
Place and date: Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941.
Born: 6 March 1894, Washington, D.C.
Appointed from: Wisconsin.
Other Navy award: Navy Cross.

"Comdr. Young proceeded to the bridge and later took personal command of the 3-inch antiaircraft gun. When blown overboard by the blast of the forward magazine explosion of the U.S.S. Arizona, to which the U.S.S. Vestal was moored, he swam back to his ship. The entire forward part of the U.S.S. Arizona was a blazing inferno with oil afire on the water between the 2 ships; as a result of several bomb hits, the U.S.S. Vestal was afire in several places, was settling and taking on a list. Despite severe enemy bombing and strafing at the time, and his shocking experience of having been blown overboard, Comdr. Young, with extreme coolness and calmness, moved his ship to an anchorage distant from the U.S.S. Arizona, and subsequently beached the U.S.S. Vestal upon determining that such action was required to save his ship."

U.S.S. Vestal

If you are considering homeschooling, consider turning off your TV and reading to your children starting now.  You can read about more of these brave heroes here and here.

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