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A mailing list for parents and children who are currently or considering homeschooling in North Dakota. Topics include online support, helpful links, local resources, and useful ideas.
An inclusive email list to share events and resources in the greater Carteret area.
Inclusive egroup for NC parents educating their gifted children.
An unmoderated list for parents who homeschool children with physical, developmental, medical, communication or learning challenges.
An egroup for parents using Dr. William Bennett's K12 program as a homeschool.
An unmoderated inclusive statewide email group.
A Christian list for older homeschooled students.
Unmoderated, inclusive Christian email list.
A network for NC homeschoolers to address legislative issues affecting homeschooling.
An unmoderated email list for all support groups and their members in the greater Piedmont area.
A Christian based loop which provides information and encouragment to homeschooling families in Raleigh, Durham, or the Triangle area.