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Information on this Macedonia-based co-op for homeschoolers using the School of Tomorrow curriculum.
A home school support group. Site provides information about activities and meetings, small groups, a newsletter, and legal matters.
FISH is a Christian, but inclusive, support group which offers discounts on portfolio reviews and teacher assessments. Encouragement and guidance for new homeschoolers provided.
HIO lists statewide and local contacts, mailing lists, and organizations.
A Christian support group in the Dayton area. HUG offers field trips, gym days, and enrichment activities.
A Christian support group designed to share experiences, improve instructional skills, and provide a forum for exchange.
OHEN is an unschooling, but inclusive, group of families in the Northeast Ohio area. It sponsors field trips, information meetings, classes, and enrichment opportunities.
A support group offering fellowship, field trips, and encouragement for the Southern Ohio area.
Very large group in Cincinnati with 15 subgroups. Site offers home schooling resources for area families.