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Information on this Macedonia-based co-op for homeschoolers using the School of Tomorrow curriculum.
A home school support group. Site provides information about activities and meetings, small groups, a newsletter, and legal matters.
FISH is a Christian, but inclusive, support group which offers discounts on portfolio reviews and teacher assessments. Encouragement and guidance for new homeschoolers provided.
Specifics on this support group available to members only. New Homeschooler information and answered questions accessible to all.
HIO lists statewide and local contacts, mailing lists, and organizations.
A Christian support group in the Dayton area. HUG offers field trips, gym days, and enrichment activities.
Christian homeschool support group based in and around Dayton. Includes a calendar, articles, and a regional guide.
A Christian support group designed to share experiences, improve instructional skills, and provide a forum for exchange.
OHEN is an unschooling, but inclusive, group of families in the Northeast Ohio area. It sponsors field trips, information meetings, classes, and enrichment opportunities.
A support group offering fellowship, field trips, and encouragement for the Southern Ohio area.
Very large group in Cincinnati with 15 subgroups. Site offers home schooling resources for area families.