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An online support group for those in Butler County and surrounding areas.
Online communication for homeschoolers in Chester County.
Online support and networking for the Cranberry area north of Pittsburgh.
Online communication for homeschoolers in Delaware County. Pauline Harding's booklog samples available in the files section.
An inclusive online forum for home educators in Northeastern Pennsylvania who are looking for support, information, or friends.
Online community of homeschoolers in Indiana County.
Stay in touch with this online group of home educators from the Latrobe.
A secular support group for homeschoolers in Northeast Philadelphia and surrounding areas whose goal is to meet and network with other homeschool families.
An email network that supports home education in all its manifestations. This email network is especially helpful in providing information to unschoolers who want to compile the paperwork necessary to comply with the PA home ed law. High volume.
Announcement-only list for receiving the newsletter of People Always Learning Something (PALS) homeschoolers, PALS enrichment information, and PALS news.